Boots Paradise Shores Body Spray Review

I love a good body spray and growing up I used to love nothing more than picking up the latest body spray from Charlie, So…? or Impulse. For me I do love perfume but I find body sprays are so handy for your handbag and on the go whether it be a warm day, something is spilled on you or you pop to the loo and need to freshen up (I won’t elaborate further) these are a great way to add some scent. Today I have one from Boots and I absolutely adore this so here’s my review.
paradise shores
So this is the body spray in question, initially I was a little worried about the scent, I tried the old Superdrug body mists which smelled like cheap hairspray so I wasn’t sure, but I did pick this up for Rachel sniffed it and promptly fell in love. First of all I love the packaging, it’s not too simply and plain but it’s not over the top either, the pink and silver is a really pretty combination and the bundles of red berries clumped together like flowers encapsulate the juicy scent you expect “citrus and red berries” to offer. This is so affordable at only £1.20 online at Boots but I always end up only paying 90p to a pound for this in store.

The product is described as follows:
Bursting with zesty fruits…playful, flirty fun. Citrus and Red Berries.

To me this smells like a cocktail I can definitely smell raspberry and vanilla in this, I don’t so much smell the citrus but I imagine that this merges with the other ingredients to add a warm heart to the scent. This is fruity and fun perfect all year around (summer for summery scents) and even in winter when you want an uplifting scent. An added fact is that it has been scientifically proven that smelling citrus fruits release a chemical in our brain that makes us happy and this scent definitely lifts my mood.

The scent is nice and strong at first albeit not cloying and overwhelming and what I love that although it may not stick to the skin it does cling to clothes and keeps you smelling fruity and sweet, My favourite scents are exactly like this and if you really can’t imagine it think of Charlie Pink, So…? Daring and Impulse Tease for other similar scents.

Overall I ADORE this and this has quickly become my favourite body spray I’ve used up three cans of this now and I have two more in my stash so I have a constant supply I love it so much, I do plan on trying other body sprays but I’m super addicted to this, if you’re yet to try it then get to Boots and do yourself a favour and try it out because this is lovely!

The Boots Paradise Shores Body Spray is available here for 90p currently.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you still use body sprays and if so (or if you used to ) what are/were your faves?

Thanks for reading.

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