SBC Eyeshadows Review

SBC (known as Simply Beautiful Collection) is a brand that I’ve not really heard much from. IA friend who gave me these eyeshadows told me they were a brand used by makeup artists and I have seen some of their skincare and bodycare on QVC but had never seen any reviews. As far as I’m aware these eyeshadows are still available and you can view them on the official website and can purchase SBC from their website, QVC and retailers such as Ebay, so here’s my thoughts.
SBC eyeshadows
So these are the SBC Eyeshadows and these are singles the bottom two on the far right are cream and the rest are powder formulas. I find the little bubble packaging quite cute and the lids screw on and off. I’m not sure how much these originally retailed for but you can now find them on Ebay for a few pounds each.

Unfortunately these shadows don’t have names but they do have a little code on the back of each one which references the shade so I’ll be mentioning those in the swatches to tell them apart I believe the codes will represent the shade number. Here’s the top row of swatches.
swatches 1
(L-R: 13n, 11n, 30n, 30s)
13n: A peachy pink.
11n: A very pale lilac bordering on white.
30n: A deep brown with fine gold glitter and my second favourite of the bunch.
30s: A deep inky grey bordering on black.

Starting with the powder eyeshadows and I do prefer these over the creams. Sadly these are a tad chalky so they kick up a lot of powder and they do have fallout, as someone who does my eye makeup first this isn’t too much of a pain but it is an annoyance.

I find these stay on longer than the creams but sadly even with a primer these do start to suffer the typical 5 0 clock slip and usually have faded by then. I did make the mistake of using one over the top of eyeliner on my lower lash line and it dissolved into a smudgy mess so I wouldn’t use these on the lower lash line at all.
swatches 2
(L-R: 25n, 1s, 27s, 20s)
25n: A deep olive green with fine specks of gold (my favourite out of them all.)
A pale pink/lilac.
27s: A cream formula a creamy lilac.
20s: A cream formula a deep red toned violet.

I did love the colour of 20s, and I think that the violet is a beautiful colour for fall, unfortunately these cream eyeshadows do crease, the lilac cream shadow is very pale almost white and reminds me of the SBC Colour Corrector I have personally it’s not a shade that suits me. Overall I think that the cream eyeshadows are a let down.

Overall, these eyeshadows are not brilliant and sadly I’m disappointed, I wish they had a better longevity because if they did I’d be all over these but sadly they’re not that great. I doubt I’ll use these much I’ve found better quality shadows for only a pound that have better longevity. I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend.

You can view the SBC Eyeshadows here.
Shop the SBC Skincare and Bodycare range here.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these eyeshadows and what eyeshadows you have been using lately.

Thanks for reading.


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