Natural Collection Corrector Stick in Green Review

Natural Collection is a brand that I find can be hit and miss, the tinted moisturiser is awful and the nail polishes are average but the eyeshadows, powder blushers and lipsticks are pretty decent, so I was quite excited when a friend gave me the Natural Collection Corrector Stick in Green to try. For those of you who have red my colour correcting post (if not you need to) you’ll know that as someone who suffers with redness, green concealers can be pretty useful, having said all of that here’s my review.
natural collection
The packaging is very similar if not the same as the lipstick packaging but as you can see it’s quite flimsy. Sadly this had cracked and chipped at the bottom and there has been numerous complaints about the Pink Mallow lipstick that always ends up snapping due to the packaging. The price of this is £1.99 which is of course budget friendly.
So this is the concealer stick, as you can see it’s a cream based product similar to a lipstick and the idea of this is that you apply it to your areas of redness and this colour corrects redness.
This is a swatch of the product, as you can see it is pigmented but my main issue with this is how dry it is. This does go on easily, but the drier formula makes it very difficult to blend and so even with a decent foundation this often leaves a green cast to the skin which is obviously not a look you want to be going for.

Overall this is disappointing, a great idea in theory but the formula is far too dry to be of any use and it struggles to blend, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this and I wouldn’t repurchase, sadly something creamier is needed for colour correcting and this just isn’t it.

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