The Holy Grail Tag

One thing I love reading about is people’s ‘holy grail’ items, to me a products has to be pretty special in order to achieve that status and it’s always great to find a product that you know you can rely on. For me I don’t class many things as holy grail, my opinions change as I discover more products and sometimes I think I’ve found my holy grail product and then something better comes along, for now though these are my holy grail items or at the very least the products I adore.
the holy grail
1) Holy grail foundation? For me this is my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation, I do love Rimmel London foundations and I previously used the Match Perfection but this gives me a flawless looking face and it’s available in the drugstore too.

2) Which eyeshadow or palette do you always go back to? In all honesty I have a few for this but it really depends on the look I’m aiming for, for everyday though and for nudes I love my Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 Palettes but my longest love has been for my MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, I’ve started to hit pan on some of the shadows which I’ve never done before but this truly is brilliant.

3) Which of these is your staple; blusher or bronzer and which one? In all honesty I use both but I get more excited by blusher, in this case I don’t have a holy grail I’ve found some that I like but I wouldn’t regard them as holy grail.

4) Gloss or lipstick and which one do you always turn to? I prefer lipstick and I do use a whole range of brands but my favourite lipsticks ever come from Illamasqua.

5) You’re having a bad skin day, which product do you instantly reach for? If I have it I’ll always grab the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ which helps out my skin enormously, I also love the Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Mask which dries out the spots.

6) You want sexy lashes today; which mascara can you always rely on? I’m not too fussy with mascaras but I did like the Benefit They’re Real but I think my two favourites have to be the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara (in the gold tube) which was wonderful, and I also like the Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara a lot as well.

7) Which brand of brushes are your favourite? That has to go to Real Techniques, they never let me down!

8) Which is your everyday perfume/body spray? For body spray my ultimate favourite is Paradise Shores by Boots and in terms of fragrance my favourites are DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple and Versace Bright Crystal Absolu but I like trying new products.

9) Which is your signature makeup look? For work I usually go with a smokey nude eye, flawless skin and pink lips, but I really adore smokey eyes and a vampy lip more than anything.

10) Finally, which cosmetics brand overall is your most collected? I really don’t know for this one I use so many products by different brands that I don’t really have one. A favourite is Urban Decay but I don’t think it’s my most collected. So possibly Illamasqua maybe, I’m not sure!

That concludes this tag, as usual I tag anyone who wants to do it, I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what some of your answers are to these questions and some of your holy grail products.

Thanks for reading.


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