Double Review: Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Rollercoaster and Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat

Today I have a double review for you guys simply because one of the products I feel may be a little dull as a review on it’s own (Top Coat) and the other I’ve raved about so much it didn’t seem to need it’s own review. First up today we have the Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Rollercoaster which long term readers will have heard me mention dozens of times, the other is the Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat, without further ado here’s my thoughts.
Starting with the Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish and this is one of many nail polishes within this range. I remember being truly torn between choosing which colour but this is unlike (or at least it was until more recently) any shade of green I previously had in my collection. As you can see the polish is housed in a small bottle that’s simplistic but to the point, this was really budget friendly and cost between one and two pounds I believe which I personally think is bargainous.
The Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat looks slightly less interesting in it’s clear frosted bottle but I was really intrigued by this as matte polish isn’t something I tend to wear much but at the time I wanted to use it for jazzing up my nail polishes and for nail art. This cost between two and three pounds which isn’t bad.

The Essence Colour and Go Polish in Rollercoaster has an absolutely brilliant formula, this has an incredibly polished gel like finish without the damage and goes on it just one coat with full opacity. The colour it pigmented and very beautiful and this lasts a long time without chipping I don’t feel as if I need a top coat with this polish.
essence on me
(Please note this polish is brighter in reality than it looks in this photo)
What I also love is that the brush is a fatter brush rather than a thin brush which coats almost my entire nail in one quick sweep. The formula is rich in colour but also texture, there’s no watery streakiness or poor colour payoff with this polish.

The Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat definitely does it’s just by turning polishes matte, upon first application I was very impressed it does work and does exactly what I need it to however, I do believe that the formula needs work.
manhattan on me
Although you can’t see in this photo due to the blurriness (I’m sorry my camera wouldn’t focus), I found that this looked quite streaky over certain nail polishes, in addition to this it could occasionally move the polish underneath or cause a slight shift which is quite annoying. My main bug bear is that streakiness, I ended up needing coat after coat at one point and by then my nails looked a mess, I find this hit and miss.

Overall I was very impressed with the Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish and if you’re yet to try one I would throughly recommend them. I can’t find them on the Wilkinson website however I believe that these ‘should’ still be available in store, so if you see them pick one up and see for yourself, I’ll certainly be grabbing more colours.

Unfortunately I was left a tad disappointed with the Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat, it did what I wanted it to but the streakiness was a pain for me and therefore I wouldn’t repurchase and I’m not sure if I would recommend this.

The Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat is available here for £1.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Essence Colour and Go Nail Polishes or if you have tried a matte topcoat before.

Thanks for reading.


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