Madame Shi Red Ammo Perfume Review

When I first started my blog in one of my earliest posts I talked about a perfume that I once loved as a teenager after receiving it as a Christmas gift and that was Red Ammo by Madame Shi. This became discontinued but after a lot of research I tracked down a seller on Amazon and bought two bottles to see if I still loved it, here’s my thoughts.
Madame shi
The bottle itself is really cool, it’s a deep red bordering on burgundy and is shaped like a grenade similar to it’s namesake. The lid pulls off and the bottle comes in a metal tin complete with a red background and camouflage design with metal chains attached. I’m not sure how much this retailed for but I got hold of two bottles for £12.00 from Amazon.
red ammo
The scent itself is diffficult to describe which is only made harder by the absence of the reviews online but to me this smelled fruity and floral but was quite a strong, deep scent. I suspect this had some floral notes and I can smell fruitier notes similar to cherries and currants. The longevity was moderate, this needed topping up throughout the day but lasted longer than most lighter scents.

Unfortunately this is where the good review ends, both bottles arrived and after opening one, it had leaked caking the entire packaging and bottle in a sludgy mixture, even after cleaning the scent had mingled with the scent of tin and smelled awful so that ended up being in the bin.

The second bottle was not damaged but smelled terrible and very tinny again, the scent that I once loved had changed over time into something quite disgusting. I’m guessing that this had been discontinued for a very long time and had possibly expired or at the very least changed.

Overall I’m very disappointed, this taught me a lesson that sadly when something has been discontinued it’s best not to buy things wholesale or from Amazon or Ebay because chances are it won’t be the same product that you once loved. I wouldn’t repurchase nor would I recommend.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this scent or if you have ever purchased a discontinued product and regretted it.

Thanks for reading.

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