Laura Geller Sateen Eyeshadows and Eye Rimz Duos Review

Laura Geller isn’t a brand I’ve really delved into properly, but a friend gave me some of her products and I’ve been trying out two of her eyeshadow duos. These eyeshadows are baked like most of Laura’s products and arepart of the shadow/eye rimz range. Here’s my thoughts.
I’m not sure how much these cost as they appear to be discontinued, but the packaging is pretty cute in a small round plastic pot with a flip up lid. Inside is the product and then we have a half moon mirror inside as well, just the right size to check on your peepers.
lilac shadow
The idea with these eyeshadows is that one side is an eyeshadow and the other side is the eye rimz, the eye rimz is a thick eyeshadow that can be used as a liner and can be applied wet or dry, personally I used the eye rimz as a shadow and apply it dry but these are even more pigmented wet and are very versatile.
lilac and eye rimz
Starting with the purple we have the Sateen Lilac Shadow/Midnight Magic Eye Rimz, this is sadly broken (it was given to me like this) but is still usuable. The lilac shadow is very pretty offering a dusty lilac shade that is mainly matte but has a touch of glitter in it. The Rimz section is a darker almost black purple that is really smokey and perfect for smoking out eyeshadow or using as a defining liner. This is a deep inky purple shot through with reddish purple shimmer, it’s very beautiful.
pink and green shadow
Next is the Sateen Fresco Shadow/Mystic Sea Eye Rimz, the Sateen Fresco shadow is a prawn pink colour and makes a very beautiful pale pink shimmer that is pearllike with it’s subtle shimmer. The Mystic Sea Eye Rimz is a deep glitery green shade that is greyish and again is very smokey.
Both of these products are lovely, the eyeshadows and nicely pigmented and very rich in colour and buttery in texture, the Sateen Fresco eyeshadow is incredibly beautiful and does indeed feel like Satin. Personally I think the longevity of the Eye Rimz is not long enough as a liner, if I did use this as a liner I would apply a kohl first and then this over the top to set and add a subtle hint of colour as well.

Both products are absolutely lovely, they go on easily and then look beautiful, sadly they do not last all day, I used an eye primer and four hours later these had completely disappeared from my eyes which is a shame, if you like these I would recommend a very good eye primer, I used an MUA one which didn’t really help them along too much.

Overall those, these are nice and unusual and despite originally thinking pale pink and deep green was an unusual combination I can see myself using it quite a lot because they feel so lovely.

The Laura Geller Eyeshadows and Eye Rimz are available online with stores such as Ebay.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried anything by Laura Geller and if so what your thoughts were.

Thanks for reading.


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3 Responses to Laura Geller Sateen Eyeshadows and Eye Rimz Duos Review

  1. thoughtsandthings1 says:

    Beautiful colours! x

  2. rachelhailesx says:

    Very gorgeous, I love the lilac and pink shades. They look really pretty and pigmented. (: xx

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