Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup Review

After hearing my mum rave about a new foundation she’d discovered I was intrigued enough to head down to my local wholesale store and to pick it up to try. The foundation in question was the Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup, something I hadn’t come across before. I’ve kept this sealed and thought it was time to crack it open and see what it was like, I have to say this is unusual product and here’s my thoughts.
The product itself is part of the smart shade range offering a BB and CC cream as well as a bronzer, blusher and of course this product. All are liquid products which claim to automatically match your skintone, which is a very big claim. The product comes in a plastic tub with a screw on lid and this cost me five pounds although those in the USA can buy it for $13.99 from Ulta.

Upon first look I was astonished with the product, it’s a thick, white product with a greyish tinge that looks like thick paint, it’s nothing like I expected and I was a little tentative to use it but decided to give it a go.
This does give good coverage and I was pleasantly surprised, I’m quite pale but am sallow skinned with yellow undertones and this managed to adjust and look lovely on the skin. My mum particularly likes this as it covers up dry patches easily which is something I was veyr impressed with.

You may have noticed that I haven’t included a photo of me wearing the product and I have to say I was going to but cannot bring myself to do it. Why? You might ask, well unfortunately the product I have smells absolutely awful. Like a mixture of fish and paint.

My mum didn’t have any problems but I’m wondering if Almay are making new ones or these are old stock that have expired, either way mine was fully sealed when I purchased it but after applying it to the skin I felt sick with the smell which is a real shame, it might look good on the skin but I can’t use a product that literally turns my stomach when I try to use it.
(unblended swatch)
Sadly I’m disappointed, this is my first and most likely only Almay product I’ve tried and will ever try. That is of course a slight overexaggeration but I’m not impressed with this. Of course the smart technology seems great but only if you fit the targeted shades, for pale girls this is okay but I imagine for darker skinned girls this wouldn’t match, other people have complained of their skin having a grey hue.
(blended swatch)
With it being a mousse as well this must be applied with fingers (or a sponge but I’m glad I didn’t ruin my makeup sponge with this) I imagine that this would clog up and potentially ruin makeup brushes so if you do see this or own this and decide to use it I highly recommend that you avoid using makeup brushes with this one.

Overall I’m disappointed and definitely do not like this product. I wouldn’t recommend this or repurchase, it seems that the sayin ‘too good to be true’ applies here and I’ll be sticking with more familiar brands rather than picking up makeup wholesale.

The Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup is available here for $13.99 or from wholesale stores and online.

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2 Responses to Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup Review

  1. Breanna says:

    This product disappointed me as well. It turns super orange on my skin. 😦

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