ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink Review

Before the UK ELF website seemingly shut down for good *sob – so many products I missed out on and wanted to try, there was a huge sale and so I picked up the ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in the shade Peaceful Pink. I’ve been testing this over the past few weeks and as usual here’s my thoughts.
So this is the ELF Conditioning Lip Balm (with SPF 15) usually this retailed for £3.50 but I got it very cheap for a pound or so which is of course a bargain. In theory I love this packaging the glass pot with the plastic lid is understated yet chic, but for practical uses I hate it, I find it bulky and hard to store, there’s a risk of it breaking so I can’t take it with me and I’m constantly hurting my hands on the sharp corners which haven’t been rounded off.
Peaceful Pink is a pretty colour it’s a tad more pinkish than it looks but it is a pink shade leaning towards coral. I do like the colour but I’m not the greatest fan of the formula.  To me this smells synthetic which is a shame but I can manage with but I really don’t like the consistency of the formula.

For me personally, I like lip balms that glide on and hydrate I do love a tint or some colour whenever possible but naturally the main aim is that it moisturises. Sadly I find that this has a harder formula than expected making it somewhat difficult (compared to other lip balms I’ve tried) to get it out and I find that it drags on the lips leaving them sore.
on me 1
I would class this more as a lip tint or a gloss than a lip balm, for me it’s not hydrating enough, clings to dry patches and it’s not as creamy as it needs to be for a good lip balm. I can imagine that applying this to chapped lips would be very painful with the drag and how it leaves me lips feeling.

Overall it’s not too bad but I have lip balms that I favour a lot more so I can’t see myself using this that much, I’ll most likely pass it on and I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend it. I definitely don’t find it conditioning like it claims to be.

The ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink is available here for £1.50.

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