My Top Ten Eyeshadows

Although I’m a huge lover of lipstick and nail polish one of my main loves has to be eyeshadow. Whether it be smokier grey shades, bold brights or classic neutrals I love playing around with them to create different looks and so I became inspired. Today I’ve narrowed it down to ten and I’ll be sharing my top ten favourite eyeshadows at the moment, prices for the eyeshadows vary as some are in palettes and some are drugstore but you’re bound to find something you like. These are all swatched on bare skin no primer! Here they are:
Urban Decay Alchemy- from Vice 3 palette (Limited Edition)Alchemy
Alchemy is a deep pink/purple shade with a shimmer. It’s really pretty and despite not wearing pink eyeshadow much this works lovely with other purple shades for a gothicesque look. It’s stunning in the packaging and a truly unique shade I have nothing else like it.
2) MUA Bedrock – From Heaven and Earth Palette RRP £4.00
I adore this rich chocolate shade for my crease and outer corners, it does have a shimmer in which I think is lovely. This is great for a neutral smokey eye. Despite being so budget friendly this has an excellent colour payoff so it’s no surprise that I’ve hit pan on it!
Get it here.
3) Rimmel London Black – From Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in 001 Smokey Noir RRP £6.99.
Apologies for the blurriness in this photo my camera didn’t want to focus. This is a deep grey/black shadow in my Rimmel London Eyeshadow Quad and it’s my go to for a smokey eye. This shadow is pigmented enough that it can be applied over kohl to make it last longer, I often use this in my outer corners and smoke it out for a sexy smokey eye. This is mainly matte with a teeny amount of shimmer (barely any) so it’s a great everyday black shadow, it also blends beautifully.
Get it here.
4) Rimmel London Bluffing – From Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bluffing RRP £4.49
This creamy eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful across the lids or as a highlighting shade. It’s a gorgeous pale rose gold shade which flatters all eye colours. I adore this formula and this is honestly one of my holy grail products.
Get it here.
5) Urban Decay Dragon- From the Vice 3 Palette
It was the beautiful jewel tones that made my rush out and buy the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette and this was one of those. This is an absolutely stunning shade of green very rich and saturated with colour. This is a shimmery shade which I love (I much prefer shimmery eyeshadows) and this looks particularly gorgeous on green and brown eyes. I love this colour and have nothing like it.
6) Urban Decay Freeze – From the Vice 3 Palette
Apologies that this is so Urban Decay heavy but they really are my go to for eyeshadows. Freeze is a beautiful shimmery blue which is darker than a lot of my blue eyeshadows. Again this is very rich and pigmented and I absolutely adore it. This, Dragon, Alchemy and Heroine enabled my Vice 3 purchase. This has excellent pigmentation and I truly adore it.
7) Urban Decay Half Baked – From Naked 1 and 2 Palettes RRP £14.00 (single)
half baked
This is great for neutral lovers. A shimmery gold shade with a brilliant colour payoff, this is great for all eye colours and I find it really brings out my green eyes. I love using this across my lid for shimmering perfection. One of my favourite neutral shades and you can buy it alone as well!
Get it here.
8) Essence Irresistible Purr-ple – From Essence 3d eyeshadow RRP £2.80
Iressistible purr-ple
These 3d eyeshadows have a 3d side (darker shade) and a flat side (paler shade) I love the intensity of these shadows and the purple duochrome with blue is so stunning. I do also love the silvery lilac which is great in spring or even on the inner corners to brighten the eyes. I’m very impressed with these.
Get it here.
9) Essence Irresistible Summer Sea – From Essence 3D eyshadow RRP £2.80
Irresistible Summer Sea
I love these aqua shades both of which are stunning. The deep aqua works amazingly across the lid or in the crease and outer corners and the paler shade is great for the inner corners. Both are beautiful and these are probably my most used blue eyeshadows. These are so budget friendly and have such amazing quality just look at the pigmentation!
Get it here.
10) Urban Decay YDK – From the Naked 2 Palette RRP £14.00 (single)
This is a beautiful shimmery rose gold shade, in person this is a lot lighter than it seems in the photo and is more pink than orange toned. This again is a stunning shimmery shade which I love across the lids or as an inner corner highlight this is also very similar to the shade Toasted.
Get it here.

So those are my top ten eyeshadows, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what some of your favourites are and which of these you like.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. dudettestalk says:

    Glad to know someone who’s eye shadow choice is exactly like mine 🙂
    Wonderful shades ❤

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