Athena’s Treasures Hair Mask Review

My lovely bestie went to holiday in Greece with her friend Emily earlier this summer and bless her heart when she returned she had some amazing products for me one of which was the Athena’s Treasures Hair Mask. I love a good hair mask but let me tell you hands down this is the best one I have ever tried and it definitely leaves me feeling like a Greecian Goddess, here’s why.
hair mask
Starting with the packaging and this is an olive green tub with images of the ingredients including olive, honey and silk, it isn’t too flashy but I think it’s perfect for the product. The product itself contains Bio Olive, Vitamins A and E, Silk and Honey all of which are amazing for hair. Naturally some of this is written in Greek. Rachel mentioned this being expensive but I have found it online for 8.80 euros.

This product is paraben free here is the product description:
Hair mask with organic olive oil and olive leaf extract. Rich in vitamins A,E penthenol, silk proteins, honey, hydrating and antioxidant ingredients. Nourishes, rewews and softens hair and scalp.

I do have sensitive skin and naturally that extends to my scalp but I can safely say that this is gentle on my hair and doesn’t irritate. Initially I was surprised by the green colour of the product but this doesn’t stain the hair so don’t worry! This smells particularly lovely I can’t quite place it but I’m not usually a fan of olives so I think it’s the honey and silk proteins that lend to create such a clean scent.

I have to admit this is one of if not the most moisturising hair product I have ever used, after my first use this left my hair incredibly silky and shiny, more than it ever has been so I’d definitely say that this is a real treasure.

Overall I absolutely adore this and will be repurchasing and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great hair mask. Thanks Rachel for getting me this lovely pot of greek goodness!

The Athena’s Treasures Nourishing Hair Mask is available here for 8.70 euros.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what your favourite hair mask, I think I’ve discovered mine now!

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