Cuccio Nail Polish in Brooklyn Never Sleeps Review

If you caught my last review on a Cuccio Polish (Cuccio Neon Nail Polish in Alternative Energy) then you will know that I was very disappointed with the polish and I have to admit I was apprehensive as to what I would think of the other two polishes by Cuccio that I had been bought. Today I’m going to be reviewing the second polish which is Brooklyn Never Sleeps, it’s a rich purple which is one of my favourite coloured polishes to wear.
I’ve touched upon the packaging before but I quite like it, it’s a large bottle holding a lot of polish and the black and the silver lid looks very chic. Although the RRP of this polish is £6.95 my boyfriend purchased it for £4.95 from Nail Polish Direct.

The colour of this polish is lovely, I really love the rich purple shades and it’s the kind of colour that I wear a lot in autumn especially (although I do wear it year round as well.) This is a red toned purple for those interested and it’s a little more red toned in reality than it looks like in the photo.

I’m sure you’re all waiting to see if I really hated this and thankfully I didn’t. It’s nothing super special as I have an abundance of purple polishes that I will reach for more, but it isn’t terrible like the Alternative Energy shade, thankfully this goes on evenly and stays looking even, one or two coats should do the trick.
on me
I don’t adore this by any means but I am glad it’s better than the other Cuccio polish I tried, in all honesty there’s nothing special enough about it to make me repurchase or recommend, especially as Cuccio isn’t a brand that’s readily available near me unless I purchase from Nail Polish Direct. Overall, not bad but not overwhelmingly great either.

The Cuccio Colour Nail Polish in Brooklyn Never Sleeps is available here for £4.95.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know if you have tried any of the Cuccio polishes and your thoughts on them. I have to admit I’ve not really heard much about them.

Thanks for reading.

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