Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Review

It’s not often that a makeup product has a personal story with me, but this is the foundation that my beloved nan has used for years (I think she’s used it for at least 10-15 years) and I’ve been very intrigued about that product that she has devoted herself to. Rachel had this foundation and had most of it left and passed it along to me and I was so excited to get to give this a good whirl, here’s my thoughts.
max factor
I do like the packaging of this foundation as the tube is easy to store but it can be a bit of a pain, sometimes I squeeze the tube only for the product to fly out and go everywhere so there is product wastage and I do wish that this could be rectified. The product itself is priced at £9.99 which isn’t too bad for a decent drugstore foundation. I’ve tried foundations that have been more expensive than this and haven’t been as good.

I’ll kick start this with a description of the product, the product description is as follows:
If you demand a lot from your make-up then Max Factor Lasting Performance is the foundation for you.  With a guaranteed 8 hours of stay put perfection, you complexion will look and feel fresher for longer.  Specially designed, for light weight silicones and a hard wearing touch proof system stand up to any amount of running or touching and, unlike other oil based formulas, it doesn’t clog up your pores or irritate sensitive skin.”

The formula is on the runnier side and so I tend to apply this with my fingers, you can use a small amount for a lighter coverage but I tend to prefer a medium coverage to conceal my blemishes, this is buildable which I love but it is definitely lightweight and it doesn’t feel sticky or siliconey.
pastel lotd
(Please bear in mind that the light has made me look dark and shiny, the closest colour is on my chin, I’m also wearing a very light amount.)

This definitely has a good longevity, but sometimes if I go for a lighter coverage I like to top up through the day, especially if it’s a hot day and my skin is oily, generally though this one one of the most long lasting foundations I have tried which is definitely a positive.

It’s rare I find a foundation that is pale enough, with ‘medium’ being one of the most popular shades in terms of foundations and concealers it can be tricky finding one that’s pale, especially as I have yellow toned skin so they are often pink based or too dark, but the sade 100 Fair is perfect for me – please note that the swatches on the Boots website are awful and very dark looking, I would throughly recommend trying this in store.

This doesn’t clog up my skin but what I love is that it doesn’t irritate either, I’ve mentioned previously that I have sensitive skin yet this is a product that doesn’t irritate, it does occasionally look ever so slightly cakey though, something which I’ve learned after more testing.

Overall this gets a thumbs up from me, I’m very impressed and I can see why my nan loves this so much, she definitely has good taste! If you’re yet to give this a try I would recommend that you do so, for countries like the US there will most likely be a Covergirl equivalent, but I’m not sure what that is. I’m not 100% sure if I will repurchase but it was an improvement on some drugstore foundations I have tried.

The Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation is available here for £9.99.

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