The Positivity Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post but I can promise you that I do have a valid reason. Although tags are a great way to get to know someone I did kind of feel a tad bored, I felt that sometimes they were an ‘easy’ post that didn’t always reflect my blog. Recently I’ve been a bit fed up so I thought I’d reintroduce tag posts and go with one that I thought would be nice as it’s all about feeling positive. So kick back and relax, enjoy this post and feel free to do this tag yourself.

1) Name three things in your life that make you happy and positive.
The first one is going to be quite soppy – in fact scrap that all three of these are going to be soppy but they’re true and real answers. First up is my boyfriend, I’m going to drop a bombshell now and explain that I suffer with depression and anxiety, I was first diagnosed at eleven and it’s been a nine year uphill struggle, I will be doing a full post on this but for the past four years it’s been made easier by my boyfriend. I met Simon in my first year of college and we’ve been together since, he’s very supportive and trust me that’s not always easy because I can be the moodiest and angriest person at times and I’m a handful, but he’s always there with cuddles and smiles and tickles plus he makes an amazing cup of tea. Second is my mum, I don’t see her as much now because I live away from home at University but again, she’s always been very supportive even through my darkest of days and I love her to pieces. Whenever I’ve felt down my mum has always lifted me back up and although we may not have always had a lot she’s always given me everything she possibly could and I couldn’t ask for more. Finally is my best friend Rachel. On my blog I’m very happy and confident but in all honesty I really struggle making friends. We’ve had out ups and downs but Rachel has also been a rock this year, from daft nights out to stressing over degree assignments we’ve made so many memories this year and she’s going to be living with me in September with my boyfriend, myself and another of my friends, so I’m really looking forward to that.

What do you do to try and be more positive?
I try and focus on the things that I enjoy and have to look forward to, it can be daft things like what I’m having for dinner/tea that night or watching an episode of my favourite television show. Silly things like blue skies or a heartwarming song can really lift my mood, so I try and focus on things like that. Blogging is also something I adore, I feel like I’ve managed to connect with some truly amazing people, I absolutely adore writing especially about beauty because it’s something I really enjoy.

What do you do to relax?
I’m a stresshead by nature so it’s not always the easiest thing to relax but I do have several hobbies that help. I love reading other people’s blogs which is always nice and of course I write myself. I also love reading and I’m self taught on the piano and keyboard so I sometimes I’ll learn a new song. Lately I’ve been trying to read more as I’ve neglected my beloved books and it’s really helped with my sleeping habits too.

What is your favourite positive quote?
I’m not one for quotes, I don’t know why but I think the fact that I don’t have a great memory probably contributes. One quote I love though is “don’t worry about what you can’t change.” I’m a huge worrier (again see above with the anxiety) but one thing I did learn is not to panic over things that I can’t change. Sometimes life throws us curveballs which can be hard to deal with and of course the quote is easier said than done but I try not to worry about what people think of me or what other people are doing. I can only change my own actions so if there’s something that happens I can try to fix it and if it’s out of my depth then I can try to deal with it and focus on other things.

Everyone has a part of their body that they dislike, say something positive about yours.
In all honesty I hate my stomach and my hips, I used to be underweight but ready meals and a lack of exercise changed that, I also was on anti depressants all last year and a side effect was that I gained weight. Sometimes I find it hard looking at what have now become rolls and it always sucks when you can’t fit into certain clothes but I’ve been trying to change that by doing a cardio workout every two days and doing strength training such as press ups and sit ups every day that I’m not doing cardio. I did this last year and I managed to lose a stone so I know I can do it I just need to persevere.

Who are your positive role models?
I don’t really have any role models, as such because I always find that no matter how perfect someone’s life is there’s always stuff going on underneath the surface that we don’t know about. I’m also not one to be obsessed with celebrities. I suppose I’d say my nan, she’s a lovely person and lights up every room that she’s in, she has endless love and kindness and she’s one of those people that you can’t help but love, I can guarantee that if she could she would invite all of you over for ice cream! I think that she’s truly a kind person which can be a rarity in this world, I hope one day I can be like her.

Who should do this tag next?
Anyone who likes to! However seeing as I know that Katie from Plus+Beauty and Rachel from Sensescentcentral will most likely be reading this I’m going to tag them both, all of you feel free to do this and let me know if you do so I can read your answers!

Thanks for reading.


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8 Responses to The Positivity Tag

  1. Emma says:

    Ooo this looks like fun! Do you mind if I use it? xx

  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I will try to do this post when I can. : ) xo

  3. rachelhailesx says:

    Awwww, we’ve had some fun times havent we? I’ll try and give this a whirl as soon as possible. 🙂 xx

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