No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer

Although I love primers, they can be the bane of my existance at times mainly because I struggle to find ones that I really like. So far I love the Gosh Velvet Touch Line Perfector which is my favourite and seconded my Benefit’s Porefessional but other than that I haven’t found any more, I especially find them difficult to find in the drugstore/high street. I was lucky when I picked up the No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Effect Primer on a Black Friday deal, I had a coupon and got a discount on the day so I managed to save almost £16.00 after the price dropped from £19.50 to £4.00 and I thought I’d share my opinions.
no7 instant illusions airbrush away primer
The primer box does make this product look more luxurious than it is, the box itself adds an air of luxury although the design is quite simplistic, the product itself though simply comes in a white plastic tube with black and purple writing on it, nothing too fancy, if anything it’s a little plain. The price of this isn’t cheap at £19.50 RRP, this is more expensive than my favourite primer of all time (see above).
The product is white in colour and has quite a siliconey texture and claims to fill in pores and blur imperfections which provides the airbrush effect that it promises, however, I need a primer to not only even out my complexion but to provide a good base for my foundation so primer is very important to me.

The product description is as follows:
Magic away signs of ageing with this clever primer, containing light diffusing particles, designed to make you look younger instantly by putting fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pores into soft focus. For best results: Smooth over moisturised skin paying special attention to any visible signs of ageing to create a skin perfecting base for your foundation.”
(A swatch of the product before I blended it in)
My first impressions were that this seemed pretty good, it does make my blemishes a little less angry looking, however I do not agree with the light diffusing claim nor do I agree that it fills in the pores, it did neither for me.

I also found that this balled up when I used it under a tinted moisturiser and certain products which was realy irritating, on the few products it didn’t do this to it didn’t hold my makeup in place at all, I actually resorted to just skipping primer and applying my base because my foundation or bb cream just didn’t stay on enough with this on.

Overall, I’m disappointed, I’ve tried some of No7 products before I particularly like their nail polishes and lipsticks but I think this is overpriced for what it is and I was really disappointed, it reminded me of the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer which I disliked and I will be passing this on and so I won’t repurchase.

The No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Effect Primer is available here for £19.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for primers, I’ve tried the Maybelline Baby Skin and Rimmel London Stay Matte and didn’t like either one of them.

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Sorry to hear that this didn’t work out. I’ve never tried this brand before. I hated the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer too. xo

    • Yeah this is similar to the Rimmel London Stay Matte and I didn’t get on with that, thankfully I got this cheap on a black friday deal so I’m glad I didn’t pay full price! xx

  2. rachelhailesx says:

    I always find N07 to be hit and miss for me. I love their nail polish but i find that their foundation is rubbish and not made for pale girls. xxx

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