Colour Correcting Crash Course and SBC Colour Correctors Review

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the colour correcting is seriously cool. Based on the science of the colour spectrum colour correcting can help to neutralise discolouration or any tones of colour such as redness and blue veins, whilst also brightening. So when I was given two SBC Colour Correctors in Green and Lilac I was super excited to give them a go. As well as my review I’m going to explain how colour correcting can work and how it might benefit you.
sbc colour correctors
So these cute little tubs are the SBC Colour Correctors, it’s nothing fancy but I think the packaging is cute, simple and easy to store the product. I’m not sure how much these retail for as I was given these by a friend and I can’t seem to find them online.
Colour spectrum
(Feel free to admire my paint skills)
The way colour correcting works is to use an opposite colour on the colour spectrum in order to effectively conceal and neutralise tones that you don’t want. For example, on my cheeks and chin I suffer with redness which is quite annoying and something that I don’t want people to see. Naturally if you have an angry red spot, if the redness is covered the spot is less noticeable. Using the colour spectrum I would look for the opposite colour to red which is green, therefore if I use a green concealer or colour corrector, this can help to counteract the redness.
colour corrected
(No makeup, SBC Green Colour Corrector on chin and SBC Lilac Colour Corrector under the eyes)
For lilac this is slightly different, you can of course use a yellow based concealer (which is most concealers) to counteract the blue or violet tones under the eyes, but salmony tones also work wel lfor blue tones. Oddly enough lilac counteracts sallow tones such as yellow but also works under the eyes to brighten. Here are the basic colour correctors that are used.

Green Concealer – Counteracts redness.
Yellow Concealer –
Counteracts purple tones such as under eyes circles.
Lilac Concealer –
Brightens everywhere, also effective under the eyes. Great for sallowness.
Salmon Toned/Peach Concealer –
Great for blue tones or veins.
Pale Pink/White –
Great for dark spots.

Using these basic principles we can use colours to improve our faces by targeting the problem area and effectively counteracting it with the right colour. Now that I’ve explained that, here’s my review of the concealers.
(Left lilac, right green colour correctors by SBC)
As mentioned I have the shade green (for redness) and lilac (for brightening). In terms of the consistency these are cream based products I apply these over my primer and under my foundation and concealer. I find the best way to use these is to apply a small amount (you don’t want a green tinge to your skin after all.)

I don’t really find the green one effective on my redness, for some reason this green concealer is not as creamy as it could be and is thicker and a tad dry meaning that this clings to any dryness rather than colour correcting redness. Having said that previous green concealers I have used, have worked and I think that a drier concealer would work best for oily skin types.
eyes after
(Note under my eyes the darkness is minimal this is after colour correcting)
The lilac one however, works wonders under my eyes, this is very creamy and easy to work with and leave my under eyes looking brighter. This lasts most of the day and doesn’t leave behind any purple or lilac discolouration.
face after
(Full face of makeup after colour correcting)
I do love the lilac concealer but I think the green one is a bit of a let down, these do seem to be discontinued however, you can find the colour corrector sticks by Max Factor in Boots and other brands such as Freedom Makeup London and MUA also offer colour correcting products. If you prefer something a little more high end then Clinique offer a range of colour correcting base products which are pretty decent.

So that is it for this post, it is a smaller review and more of an informative post but I didn’t want to bang on about these concealers too much as they are discontinued. If you enjoyed this post, please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you colour correct and what products you use.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina

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