Empties #8

The time has come around again, where I’ve filled a carrier bag full of products that I’ve used up and this empties post is a little overdue. For those new to my blog, this is a post where I talk through the products that I have used up, give a quick review of it and then discuss whether or not I’d repurchase.
Yankee Candle Black Cherry Large Jar –
I really enjoyed this, the smell was great and had a great throw and I do love Yankee Candles, my only qualm is that the wicks tend to die before you can reach the bottom leaving me with left over wax.
Repurchase: Yes
Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Small Jar –
My boyfriend fell head over heels for this candle, I personally can take it or leave it, it is a sweetened version of lime, and I did end up buying the large version for my boyfriend so I think we’d repurchase this.
Repurchase: Yes
Yankee Candle Vineyard Small Jar –
I really enjoyed this, it is a strong scented candle but I adored the grape scent of this and it’s even made my empties bad smell lovely. I love this for relaxing.
Repurchase: Yes

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub (mini) – I was given this to try and although it is nice and scrubby I found the smell to be a bit sickly.
Repurchase: No
Body Shop Coconut Body Mist
– I’m a huge fan of coconut scents so I thought that this would be great but it was a very synthetic scent that was very sweet and sickly, in the end this became a pillow spray.
Repurchase: No
Vera Wang Princess Foamy Body Polish
– This came in the Princess gift set I received from Rachel at Christmas and I really enjoyed this. It lathered well, smelled gorgeous and contained tiny beads to exfoliate without being too abrasive, loved this.
Repurchase: Yes
Vera Wang Princess Satiny Body Lotion –
One of the most moisturising and best body lotions I’ve ever tried. This smelled lovely, sank in quickly and left my skin the softest I’ve ever felt it. This is now my favourite body moisturiser, it’s a shame it’s only available in the gift set.
Repurchase: Yes
The Body Shop Glazed Apple Soap:
This lasted me half a year which is pretty bargainous, but by the end I did find that I was getting tired of the smell. I would repurchase another soap from The Body Shop but I’d want a different flavour to try.
Repurchase: No
Carex Strawberry Laces Hand Gel:
I get sick easily and I’m a bit of a germaphobe especially when using public toilets etc. This kept my hands nice and clean, and it smelled like strawberry laces rather than alcohol. I enjoyed this a lot.
Repurchase: Yes

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (sample) – I used up and reviewed this ages ago but forgot to bin it, so it’s here in my empties. I didn’t like this and found it greasy rather than moisturising.
Repurchase: No
No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eye Cream
– This was also given to me to try from Rachel, this was hydrating on the eyes but didn’t do anything for dark cirles and only slightly reduced puffiness. I prefer something that adds a little radiance.
Repurchase: No
Kiss the Moon Love After Dark Face Oil (sample) –
This did hydrate the skin and I loved the packaging and the pipette to add drops to the face, I do think that this is very expensive though and the strong scnt of Ylang Ylang definitely isn’t for me.
Repurchase: No
ESPA Pro Optimal Serum (sample) –
This is the second sample of this serum that I’ve used up and I do really like it. This adds hydration and moisture which I love. I would get this in the future however, I do have some serums to try and I do like to shop around for serums and try different ones.
Repurchase: No (at the moment)
Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Balm –
This did smell nice but sadly was one of those lip balms that turned your lips white, not useful in public.
Repurchase: No
Blistex Orange Mango Lip Balm –
This did smell nice but wasn’t anything miraculous, I have too many lip balms to use up so won’t repurchase.
Repurchase: No

Makeup and Hair
Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml – I enjoyed using this especially as my hair is quite dry, I would like to get a bigger size of this though.
Repurchase: Yes
Revlon Beyond Natural Double Wink False Lashes
– At first I liked these but I’ve come to the conclusion that these are way too long. These did last a while but I’d like some a little more subtle I think!
Repurchase: No
Laura Geller Banish n Brighten Concealing Luminizer –
A friend gave this to me but it has expired, I did test this on my hand but it seemed quite orangey and runny. I did have another which was okay but it did crease like mad and didn’t wow me.
Repurchase: No
Espa Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Nude-
I’m usually a foundation girl but this tinted moisturiser really impressed me with a light coverage that matched my skintone. I paired this with a concealer and loved it, I don’t know if I’d repurchase though because I need a higher coverage.
Repurchase: No

Sainsburies Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover – This was decent and did remove my polish but at three to four pounds a bottle I thought it was a little pricey for bog standard remover.
Repurchase: No
Elegant Touch Feather Nails –
These were great, lasted ages and teamed with the glue stayed strong and pretty. The glue did damage my nails but I’d use this for if I start biting my nails again.
Repurchase: Yes
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat –
I really liked this at first but now I have half a bottle that has gone gloopy and it happened so quickly after opening it. I’m disappointed in how quick the consistency changed I’ve had nail polishes open for twice as long and they’re fine!
Repurchase: No

So those are all my empties, if you enjoyed this post and these speedy reviews please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or what you have used up lately.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina

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PR Person and Beauty Blogger who has a soft spot for eyeshadows, lipsticks and anything quirky. You can contact me at ninarossjournal@gmail.com
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  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great empties post! You’ve used up quite a bit! 🙂 xo

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