Cuccio Neon Nail Polish in Alternative Energy Review

I absolutely adore nail polish, so when I found out about Nail Polish Direct I was super excited to find a whole host of brands for discounted prices. One brand that I stumbled across was Cuccio a brand that I hadn’t heard of before. My lovely boyfriend picked up three of the Cuccio polishes, one of which was Alternative Energy. I finally cracked open the polish this week and thought I’d give it a go for the warmer weather, here’s my thoughts.
cuccio polish
I really like the packaging of these polishes, the bottle is wider than a lot of polishes holding a lot more polish and I adore the matte black lid with a silver band which I think looks very stylish and chic. Usually Cuccio polishes retail for £6.95 which is only slightly cheaper than Essie polishes, however on Nail Polish Direct this cost £4.95.

Before I get started on my thoughts, I thought I’d share the product description of this polish first, this is also part of the neon collection:
Cuccio is in the top league for all types: nail polish they have iconic shades and affordable prices.
-Chip free, long lasting, salon professional formulation
– Quality highly saturated colour coverage
-Custom made cap and brush
– No Dibutyl Phthalate and Toulene free product.

I do adore the colour of this polish as it’s a bright neon green. I’ve used neon green polishes in the past and I think that they’re real fun in summer and they make you look tanned which is always nice. I did find the brush to look pretty bog standard though and I wouldn’t call it anything special.
cuccio on me
(Three coats later with a patchy finish and darker colour)
For me the formula of this polish sucked, one coat seemed very sheer almost as if my nails had absorbed the polish which was very odd, two coats had a better coverage but looked patchy, and three coats darkened the colour and still looked messy. I’m usually very good at painting my own nails and I have painted my own nails for the last nine years but this polish just didn’t want to look good and no amount of fixing could prevent that.

In terms of chipping, I applied this without a top coat and it chipped away within a day which I was not impressed with. I also found that when I took the polish off, this got under my cuticles and stained my nails. I’ve used remover on two seperate occasions on my nails and this doesn’t want to budge which is really annoying.

Overall I’m very disappointed, I would not call these polishes salon quality at all, I’ve briefly tried a purple shade which seemed okay on the toes and a pink shade which also looked bad, but I’ll be reviewing those seperately. In the meantime I won’t ever be purchasing a polish by this brand and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them either!

The Cuccio Nail Polish in Alternative Energy is available here for £4.95.

I hope that you enjoyed this speedy post and if you did please hit the like button. Have you ever tried a polish and been really disappointed with the formula? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina


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