Double Review: Yankee Candles in Black Cherry and Vanilla Lime

Today I have a double review on two Yankee Candles that both myself and my boyfriend absolutely love. I only got into scented candles this year but instantly fell for the stunning scents offered by Yankee Candle, a few weeks into my addiction and I’d converted my boyfriend too. Both of us purchased these candles, and we’ve burned them up so it’s time for a review.
The larger candle size is the Black Cherry scent and this usually retails for £14.99. We did also purchase the large jar of the Vanilla Lime scent however, my boyfriend is currently burning that last remains of that. The smaller jar in this photo is the Vanilla Lime scent and this retails for £7.99 usually. These candles can be a little pricey however they are worth the money, I do however find the packaging can be a tad plain but it is iconic.

Starting with the Black Cherry and I’m going to get straight into the scent. I love cherries they really are my favourite fruit so I absolutely adore this scent. This is quite a strong fruity scent so if you’re not a fan of fruity scents then you probably won’t like this one.

In terms of the strength of the scent, the Black Cherry is the strongest scented Yankee Candle I’ve come across so far, this instantly fills a room with the scent and has a good kick to it which I love. This burned well and lasted a while, although I have to say with Yankee Candles there does often seem to be a chunk of wax that we can never get through as the wick usually gives out. Although I do get plenty of burn time I wish that I could get the full amount, especially for the price.

The Vanilla Lime scent is not my favourite, the vanilla is subtle but adds a softnesst to the lime, and the lime is quite strong. I do like this, but it’s not a scent that has completely blown me away, having said that my boyfriend adores this and describes it as smelling like key lime pie.

This candle doesn’t have much of a kick to it, when we combined leftover wax the cherry smell was strong and overpowered the lime, I also noticed that the lime scent doesn’t fill up a room as well and you have to be close to it to be able to smell it.

The wick problem remained the same with this candle leaving a chunk of candle wax that couldn’t be burned, but apart from that this candle was pretty decent.

I would recommend both of these scents but I’d definitely recommend you smell them in store first as everyone likes different smells. I would definitely repurchase the Black Cherry candle for myself, I personally don’t feel like I need the Vanilla Lime scent in my life but it is my boyfriend’s favourite so I may end up repurchasing another one of those for him.

The Black Cherry and Vanilla Lime Yankee Candles are available here.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments your favourite candle and if possible your favourite Yankee scent. I think mine is either Vineyard, Pink Sands or Black Cherry personally.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina


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One Response to Double Review: Yankee Candles in Black Cherry and Vanilla Lime

  1. I love Yankee Candles – I have a small cherry one & a couple of the large ones in two difference fragrances. So gorgeous!
    Also, I thought I’d let you know I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award ♥

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