Avon Eye Artist Palette in Grey Guidance Review

I love a good smokey eye palette and I love a budget smokey eye palette even more. I’ve declared my love for the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Smokey Noir numerous times, so when I was given the Avon Eye Artist Palette to try from a friend, I was prettye excited. Here’s my thoughts.
avon palette
(Apologies for the battered packaging)
In terms of the packaging it comes in a black compact with a purple eye stencil which I find a little dull in all honesty until we open it up. The eye design inside with the three shadows placed above is really quirky and I think it’s pretty quirky. As far as I am aware this has been discontinued now however, there are multiple listings on Ebay.
In terms of the colours they are mostly matte with the grey having a very slight shimmer, the three shades within the palette include a white which I would use in the inner corner, a grey which I would use across the lid and then a very dark grey which I would use on the outer corners.
I did find that the pigmentation was okay although I do have to build the shadows up on my eyes, longevity can lead to these fading and there is a lot of fallout which prevents this palette from really standing out to me.
eyes closed

The colours are nice but I find them a little flat, rather than a matte white I would have preferred a pale silver shimmer which I think would have looked a lot nicer and would have added a little more dimension. Thankfully these do blend together but this palette doesn’t compare to my beloved Rimmel palette.
eyes open
Overall I’m just a bit meh about this palette, it isn’t terrible but it is mediocre and I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend this. I think I will end up passing this on simply because I don’t use it and I feel like my other smokier colours are much better.

The Avon Eye Artist Palette is available on Ebay.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, do you have a go-to smokey eye palette or a selection of smoky shadows that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina

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