Seventeen Stay Time Concealer Review

After trying the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks I decided that I wanted to try more Seventeen products so when my concealer ran out I decided to leave the Collection Lasting Perfection for a bit (especially as it started to settle into fine lines under the eyes). I was torn between the Phwooar Paint and Stay Time so I thought I’d give the Stay Time a go, here’s my thoughts.
So this is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, it reminds me of the Collection packaging with the plastic tube and black writing, however, the writing hasn’t rubbed off this one, yay! There’s nothing much else to say about this packaging I find it a little dull. The price of this concealer is £4.49.

The first thing I noticed about this concealer was the smell which I find very strange, this actually smells like paint. I’m not sure if it’s a particularl ingredients but I do notice the scent and find it a little odd, thankfully that doesn’t transfer onto the skin though.

The colour is great for me, I have the palest shade (Extra Fair) which is neither two light nor two dark and it blends seamlessly into the skin which I love. I do use this on both blemishes and spots.
(Before: Here I am wearing no makeup)
(After: No makeup except Seventeen Stay Time Concealer)

Within this second photo I applied the concealer over my redness on my nose and cheeks, under my eyes and on my blemishes. As you can see there is a difference, my blemishes and redness are covered, my under eye circles are less prominent and any puffiness or fine lines have been concealed.

I do like this concealer a lot, it claims to have maximum coverage which I do think it does, I can buff this into the skin with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it buffs in easily. I would warn you that it does set quickly so you will need to work quickly.

The only downside is that throughout the day (and not every day just some days) this can settle into the fine lines under my eyes which I seem to have developed. This doesn’t crease as bad as the Maybelline Stay Time though so that I can manage.

In terms of repurchasing I find this on par with my Collection concealer so would probably return to it. I did want to try the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer though so I have picked that up to try, but overall I do like it, I’d say it’s tied with my Collection concealer and will be a good alternative for people who can’t get on with the Collection one.

The Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is available here for £4.49.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know if you have tried any Seventeen products especially this concealer and what you would recommend I try next! I do have the Poreless Primer in my stash already but I haven’t tried that yet.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina


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4 Responses to Seventeen Stay Time Concealer Review

  1. I used this concealer and didn’t like it. I don’t think it sat right on my skin and I just found it didn’t last well on me. Definitely prefer the collection concealer

    • Really? I found this to be one of if not the best I’ve tried, I found the Collection one creases more under the eyes although it is my second favourite, this one is brill for me though solid coverage, conceals redness, blemishes and dark circles for me 🙂

      • I didn’t get enough coverage with this 😦 I just didn’t really get on with it for whatever reason – seemed to be an alright formula though x

  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great review! I wish we had this brand here. I hear the mascara of theirs is great! 🙂 xo

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