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I have to admit I’m not one to enjoy going down memory lane, in all honesty I’ve not had a nice past and I much prefer to move forward with my life rather than look back, however I thought I’d make an exception with this tag. Form my first wobbly steps into makeup with handmedowns, cheap W7 and Technic products to my drugstore foray to my higher end experiences I thought it would be fun to compare how far along I’d come on my makeup jouney, so I hope that you enjoy this post.

First makeup item ever purchased?
When I first ever started wearing makeup it was in my last year of high school, I always felt very ugly and makeup made me feel a little more confident, I wasn’t very good at applying it and I could never afford even drugstore products, everything I owned was from market stores. I distinctly remember several products, I had a Technic mascara which worked okay to start with until I noticed that even brand new tubes would be completely dried up so I moved onto cheap W7 mascaras that would have smudged or flaked off by the end of the day. My eyeliner and foundation were both from Constance Carroll, my stepdad told me that my foundation was white and it would fade and then cling to dry patches so my stepdad told me I looked like my face was peeling off! The eyeliner was pretty terrible, rock hard with no pigmentation and maximum drag so I then moved to Laval. Lip products included discontinued branded products from Rimmel and Maybelline or Technic lipglosses. Unsurprisingly these items were all terrible quality.

First MAC item?
My first MAC item that I purchased was the MAC Smoulder Kohl and honestly I was disappointed. After so many rave reviews I thought it would be the best thing ever and it just wasn’t. I did have a MAC lipstick previously that I used up that was past down to me. It got used up but I believe that it was Rebel judging by the shade and I loved that.

First MAC/other brand collection?
I don’t really buy into entire collections and I usually just stick with what I love. The MAC products I have arefrom permanent collections it’s very rare for me to see a collection and just splurge instantly, the only exception to that was the limited edition Urban Decay Vice 3 palette.

First ever high end makeup splurge?
I stepped into Harvey Nichols with my boyfriend last year for my first splurge. I reached the MAC counter that was busy, one staff member was incredibly rude and didn’t even ask me if I wanted to purchase items before rigging them up at the till, I ended up close to tears as my anxiety was overwhelming and so I rushed myself. I ended up purchasing something from Nars and thankfully the lady was lovely. The product in question was Nars Blusher in Orgasm and later that day I believe I got my first MAC lipstick in Pure Zen.

First ever makeup experience?
As mentioned above I do have anxiety, I don’t talk about my mental health on here as I find it private and in all honesty it seems to be ‘trendy’ to have a mental health issues namely anxiety and I don’t want to be categorised like that. My anxiety does get quite crippling and causes IBS and bloating as well as panic attacks and for that reason I struggle to even approach high end counters let alone get a makeover. The idea of a strange touching my face, of me removing my makeup in public and to be sat where people could just stare at me, absolutely terrifies me so I’ve never had one.

First makeup brush?
My first makeup brush was given to me by my mum and it was an Avon concealer brush. She recommended I use it with my L’oreal True Match foundation as it can have a thin texture that I struggled to apply. Although it took a while applying a face of foundation with a concealer brush she was right and it worked incredibly well, from that day on I decided to get more brushes (I still don’t have lots by any means) and so I picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection.

First eyeshadow?
I used a lot of hand me downs from my mum and I distinctly remember a pale pink Avon eyeshadow (that was awful) and a golden Avon eyeshadow that was lovely. The one that really jogs my memory is an Avon Colourtrend eyeshadow that was bright fucshia and looked like Conjunctivitis. One boy at school asked me why my eyes looked so sore, so I never wore it again!

First skincare investment?
I’ve been lucky with skincare, I have serums that were given to me or sent as pr samples, both my cleansers were also bought for my for Christmas in terms of investment the most I spent on skicnare was for my Origins face mask set (reviews on that later), and an Origins eye cream which I haven’t tried yet.

First nail polish owned?
Again my mum or my nan would always pass on nail polish to me so I can’t really remember? I used to use Technic quite a lot and those old Primark nail polish sets.

First fake tan attempt?
I tried fake tan once and I will NEVER use it again, I’d rather embrace my paleness. I was twelve or thirteen and I thought that I had to try a tan. I purchased a cheap pack of twenty five wipes and started applying. I wanted instant results and didn’t understand that I had to wait for development and so I usedall twenty five wipes on my arms, needless to say I ended up bright orange (literally day-glo) and was the butt of everyone’s jokes. Never again.

More makeup memories?
For this I’m just going to throw in some key words and product names so here we are:
Rollarball lip gloss, Barry M Dazzle Dusts, Technic, Bodycare, So…?, Charlie, Insette, scarse brows, Clean and Clear.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know if you complete this tag in the comments and feel free to comment on my answers or share some of your makeup memories.

Thanks for reading.
Love Nina


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2 Responses to The Makeup Memory Lane Tag

  1. This was such an interesting read! And I really agree with you about mental health becoming a ‘trendy’ thing to have. It seems like more and more people are claiming to have issues that maybe aren’t really that bad (ie occasionally nervous = anxiety, sad now and again = depression). Keep the blogging up! xx

    • Thank you, this is the first time I’ve mentioned my illnesses so I’m glad that it’s received a positive response, I’ve been debating doing a post for so long (still debating) but I don’t want to be placed into that category đŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for the comment xxx

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