My Top Ten High End Products

I don’t have tons and tons of high end products simply because I’m mainly a drugstore girl at heart, but the high end products I do have I really treasure, so I thought I’d put together a top ten post for you guys. Some of the brands are repeated (yes there are three Illamasqua Lipsticks in here) but they truly are my favourites and hands down some of the best products I’ve tried, so without further ado, here they are.
high end products
1) DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple Perfume
Growing up I could never afford a properly branded perfume but when I was in Boots I’d always give this a sniff as I just fell in love with the gorgeous apple scent. For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a bottle from my nan and I was so excited as I’d wanted it for so long. This is exactly how the name suggests, the truly delicious scent (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun) is fresh and sweet and smells like crisp apples, it’s simply stunning and I’m so glad I have it.

2) ESPA Pro Optimal Serum
This is an expensive product right up there in high end (although it’s thankfully on the right side of fifty pounds) but it really is excellent. This is a serum that I use sparingly whenever my skin is the slightest bit dry and this just keeps it hydrated and prevents any dryness which is a huge deal for me as my skin can get incredibly dry if I don’t look after it properly.

3) Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers
I do have three Illamasqua lipsticks on this list but all three are very different to suits different tastes. The shade Sangers is a perfect matte red that glides onto the lips and really gives you that power pout for the night. Whenever I need a confidence boost or want to feel classy then I always apply this and it makes me feel unstoppable. Truly my favourite matte red lipstick ever.

4) Illamasqua Lipstick in Kontrol
This was an old favourite and I love it simply because it’s an unusual twist on the vampy lipstick. Rather than being a red toned purple or a plum toned berry this is a blue toned purple with a hint of grey. It sounds crazy but it’s really unique and it looks so different, on Rachel with her pale skin and pink undertones it looks very blue whereas on me it looks very purple. I love this for when I’m creating a Gothic look.

5) Illamasqua Lipstick in Vendetta
This is my newest addition to my Illamasqua Lipstick collection and it is very bold. We’re not talking a bold red or vibrant orange here we’re talking an electric blue that looks absolutely amazing. I know a lot of people shy away from bold colours but quite frankly I love trying out bold makeup and this looks amazing. If you want to see this in action see the Faerie Makeup Tutorial I did recently which has me wearing this. The colour payoff truly is incredible.

6) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Another skincare item here and quite honestly I am not in the least bit surprised that the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has won so many awards. If you are on the fence about this then definitely give it a go (I can promise you that you will be thankful that you did.) This cleanser isa cold cream which has a natural fragrance and soothes the skin whilst giving a deep cleanse that isn’t stripping. The flannel (in my case) or muslin cloth helps to buff and polish the skin nicely and your skin feels like silk afterwards. I don’t use this all the time as I don’t want to use it all up straight away but it truly is lovely.

7) MAC Lipstick in Pure Zen
I only own one MAC Lipstick simply because I usually favour the shades of Illamasqua’s lipsticks however the shade Pure Zen is incredibly pretty. This is a peachy nude shade that is incredibly flattering on my yellow toned skin and is very creamy. I can’t wear this when my lips are dry because it can sometimes highlight dry patches but if you use a good lip balm this is a low maintenance lipstick that fades evenly and is easy to apply (it’s a creamsheen formula). Bonus points to MAC for the fact that it smells like vanilla.

8) Nars Blusher in Orgasm
Another makeup item that I adore is the Nars Blusher in Orgasm, this is a stunning peachy pink shade that has subtle gold shimmer running through it and this looks lovely on the cheeks particularly in spring. I tend to use my Sleek Blush in Rose Gold more as it’s a perfect dupe (but much more pigmented) and it’s much cheaper (five pounds rather than £22.50) but I do love the Nars Blusher too it’s much more subtle and very pretty and flattering on quite a lot of skintones.

9) Urban Decay Naked Palettes
I have the Naked 1 and the Naked 2 palettes and I love them both, I do feel like Urban Decay offer some of the best eyeshadows out there by far. These aren’t the cheapest palettes at £36.00 a pop but you do get twelve eyeshadows so it works out at three pounds an eyeshadow which is pretty decent. The palettes offer an array of matte and shimmer shades in a variety of neutral tones and the shadows themselves are pigmented and buttery, definitely worth the money especially if you love neutral shades.

10) Versace Bright Crystal Absolut Perfume
My boyfriend bought me the gift set of this for our anniversary and the scent is absolutely gorgeous and my most worn scent. I have to keep forcing myself to use other perfumes so I don’t finish this too quickly as it is expensive, but the sweet, fruity scent is so lovely and is absolutely gorgeous. If you do like fruity sweet scents and want something subtle that’s not too sickly or cloying (ahem Britney Spears) then this really is it. I absolutely adore this.

So that is it for my top ten high end products, I truly love all of these and if you do want to treat yourself to a high end product then I’d fully recommend any of these products because all of them are absolutely amazing. If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or what some of your top high end products are.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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