Sali Hughes “Pretty Honest” Book Review

I absolutely adore reading, it has to be one of my all time favourite pastimes and in my eyes there’s nothing more perfect than curling up in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and an incredible book. I usually prefer fiction novels however, when Guardian Journalist, Sali Hughes brought out her book I knew that with it being about beauty that I’d adore it, so I found myself hunting it down on amazon and purchasing it and I’m so glad that I did. Here’s why I love it so much.
sali hughes pretty honest

I always believe that it’s what is written inside the book that truly matters, but we’re all beauty bloggers or beauty lovers here and let’s be frank, I’m pretty certain that all of us have judged a book by its cover at some point or other. I happen to quite like the pale pink background with the use of black, it’s simple, effective and to the point I think it’s much more classy then tons of images of lipsticks and whatnot on the cover. This is a hardback book and I got it for £10.00 on Amazon.

Starting with the chapters and Sali has truly covered everything from choosing your first perfume, to teen beauty to approaching beauty counters and sales assistants. I do find the topic of beauty fascinating as it is but Sali has filled the book with anecdotes and humour and quite honestly I love her writing style, brutally blunt, honest and straight to the point – exactly as the title suggests.

“And don’t ever let any boy (or girl) even express an opinion on what you should be doing with your genitals, They’d be bloody lucky to be seeing them in the first place. Wear your pubes with pride.” – Sali Hughes on Teen Beauty and Bikini Lines.

Not only does Sali talk about makeup but she also covers every inch of beauty including embarassing and awkward topics such as pubic hair. She remains firm yet gentle guiding the most innocent and the naive through every step of beauty and even I who have loved beauty for a long time learned so many new things from this book. When you read it Sali can laugh and joke but she comes across as that expert that you’ve always longed to speak to, she also is quite motherly with her prompt advice all crafted from her own knowledge and experience. I felt like a sponge when reading this absorbing useful little nuggets of information about technical terms and what not to do.

“But my God, for every five goodies, there’s some monster in inch-thick American Tan foundation and drawn-on eyebrows just waiting to harsh your mellow. And when you come across her, I beg you to stand firm, know it’s your hard-earned cash she’s after and understand that everything is your call. Here are some good starting points.” Sali Hughes on Managing Beauty Counter Staff.

Writing a beauty book can be somewhat nerve wracking, because I imagine that people straight away get uptight, although some of us may like to learn about beauty others can feel patronised or pressured into wearing makeup, yet Sali doesn’t do that, she simply helps you make the best of what you’ve got depending on your preferences which I just love.

I think one of the most poignant chapters for me is the final chapter in which Sali shares her resources and sources for beauty. With nods to youtubers such as Pixiwoo and A Model Recommends alongside beauty editors, models and makeup artists, Sali truly offers you her own in depth advice but also the advice of those who she admires, respects or has worked with herself.

All in all this is a great read, don’t worry that it will be just a list of facts because there is a massive personal touch to this book through the descriptions, the clear narrative voice and the anecdotes that sets this book apart from every other beauty book I have ever read. I really enjoyed this and have been now foisting it upon my family and friends determined to share with them this gem. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in beauty.

Pretty Honest The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion by Sali Hughes is available here for £9.00.
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love x nina


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