Revlon Beyond Natural Double Wink False Lashes Review

I have a strange relationship with false lashes, I’m far too lazy (and prefer a good mascara) for daytime however, if I have a special event or I’m going on a night out I do like false lashes, so when I found these Revlon False Lashes in Savers from a mere three pounds I thought that they would be worth a try.

Within the pack you get one pair of the Double Wink lashes, you don’t get any eyelash glue or an extra pair but that isn’t too bad for the price, especially as you can use these more than once. I usually find (and in this case this happened) that the lashes are too long for my eyes so I usually trim lashes to my eyeshape which is what I did with these.
false lashes
I don’t tend to bother with “natural” looking false lashes as I much prefer the more dramatic ones for a night out and these are very dark and thick which I love as they really accentuate my eyes. These stayed on throughout the night and looked really pretty. I did find them ever so slightly heavy and I could definitely feel myself wearing them, but I don’t mind that feeling in all honesty. If you do though then I wouldn’t recommend these.

In terms of longevity these stayed on well but I think that’s probably got more to do with the Eylure lash glue than anything. Having said that I’ve used these twice and kept them in the box so I will be able to get at least one more use out of them which is pretty good going.
on me

Overall these are nice, I prefer them to the Allure ones I tried and I’d say they tie with Eylure in quality although the price tag of these much more than Eylure lashes. If you’re a fan of dramatic false lashes and are looking for a decent quality pair for a budget price then I would recommend these, I will probably end up repurchasing these are trying some more from the range.

The Revlon Beyond Natural Double Wink False Lashes are available here for £4.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, do you wear false lashes? Let me know if you do and if so which are your favourites in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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