Elegant Touch Peacock False Nails Review

So I have a confession to make and if you look closely on my nail polish posts you may have picked up on this already but I am a renowned nail biter. The habit started when I was a child, I always was very anxious and twenty years later and I’m still nibbling away whenever my nerves get the better of me, so I figured that I’d give fake nails a try with the hopes that they would help me break the habit. I have to admit that I’m still biting but I thought I’d show you the stunning nails that made me quit for a few weeks.
elegant touch nails
(I did not take this photo copyright and credit goes to rightful owners)

The packaging comes in a plastic box holding the nails, usually nails from Elegant Touch retail for £7.99 but I picked up mine from Savers for a fraction of the price (I believe it was around five pounds), although they are nearly ten pounds which is a little pricey in my opinion, you can make these last if you’re careful.

The nails themselves come without glue or adhesive so you need to buy the glue, the glue is relatively cheap and really good so it is worth the extra pound or two. I used the Elegant Touch Nail Glue which works well to keep the nails in place.

In terms of the design I think it’s very pretty, Elegant Touch offers a huge range of different designs so you don’t have to stick with a french manicure if you find that a little dull (I also find french manicure designs on fake nails to look too bright and obviously fake).
elegant touch nails on me
I thought I’d struggle with the application but it was really easy, I just brush the glue onto my natural nails and underside of the fake nails, I then hold the fake nail to my actual nail and press down and hold for a few minutes to allow it to glue, once it’s been a few minutes I nudge the nail to see if it moves, if it does the glue is tacky and I press down harder, if not I move onto the next.

For me personally I have really short nails (see above) so I then took some clippers and clipped these down to a size that allowed me movement and didn’t impair me.

Overall I really liked these I did end up nibbling and bending them a little bit but they lasted me for at least two uses before I bent them out of shape, I would repurchase these and am looking forward to trying new designs.

The Elegant Touch Nails are available here at Boots.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you use fake nails and what you think of this design.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina

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