Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Ombre Kit Review

For a good few years now Jerome Russell has been the only brand of bleach that I’ve fully committed myself too simply because it’s very hard to get a decent bleach on my hair which is naturally almost black, so when the lovely people are Jerome Russell contacted me to try one of their products I excitedly chose the ombre kit, I’ve given it a go and now my hair is brilliantly green (of my own choosing!) So let’s take a little looksie.
Disclaimer: This is a PR sample, all opinions are my own.
So here is the product, it comes in a box containing the High Lift Powder Bleach, the Blending Lotion, Maximum Lift Cream Peroxide, Conditioner, Mixing brush, Gloves and the Mixing Tub and for the lot it comes to £6.99 which is really good.

Mixing the product is relatively easy with the boxes also being colour coded depending how much light you want to go and how dark your hair is. I found that usually near me I can only get hold of the high lift, but the maximum lift works much better on my hair.

I’d like to talk about how useful the blending lotion was but I actually forgot to use it, the blending lotion is created to add different tones of blonde in your hair which is incredibly useful for an ombre to prevent it looking from a block colour however because I was putting a colour over the top of it this didn’t matter too much for me.
blonde hair
(please ignore my dye top and my makeup free face)

So in terms of application I always find it relatively easy, as you can see my hair has definitely lightened to a straw colour and that’s when it was wet and usually hair is a lot darker when wet. The bleach was enough to lighten my hair but without frying it or not taking which is something that I struggle with a lot of hair dyes.

Once I’d dried my hair I added the colour, funnily enough the first time I used a green hair dye over the top of a different bleach, it didn’t take at all leaving most of my hair ginger, however this dye took pretty well over the bleach which I think really speaks for itself as to how good the bleach was.

green hair
So here is the full hair colour and as you can see it’s very bold (and much brighter in person), I’m really pleased with this and I don’t think it would have turned out as well without the bleach.

Overall I’m really impressed, I find this bleach to be kinder than most and it has a better colour payoff for me whilst been easier to use. It’s budget friendly and it makes dip dyeing my hair so easy. I would repurchase this and I’d recommend it if you are thinking of ombreing your hair.

The Jerome Russell Bblonde No 1 Maximum Ombre Kit is available here for £6.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of this hair colour and if you have ever bleached your hair.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina

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