Air Wick Vanilla Bean Candle Review

After falling deeply into the world of candles and realising that I couldn’t justify continually spending ten or twenty quid a pop on Yankee Candles I thought I’d look for some different alternatives. I did already try and review the Drumstick Candle by Swizzel Matthews which fell a little short but one other candle I did try was the Air Wick Vanilla Bean Candle, here’s my thoughts.
air wick candle
So this is the candle, it did come in the typical Airwick cardboard packaging but once I’d opened it I felt no need to hand onto a piece of cardboard so I did throw it, this was filled to the top (or near the top) and cost £1.99 from Savers.

In terms of the scent this was pretty nice with a warm vanilla scent that wasn’t sweet or sickly, the candle also lasted me a good week with it lit almost every day so that was really impressive, as you can see from the photo below I also managed to use nearly all of it until the wick died which is a significant improvement on the Drumstick candle.
inside the candle
The only qualm I have with this was that I wished it kicked off a little more scent, sitting next to it I could definitely smell a hint of scent but unless I was near the candle I couldn’t smell it, having said that, this is a budget friendly candle and was still decent.

Overall I liked this, I think one trouble I’ve had with both budget friendly candles so far was problems with the wick where it wouldn’t light or seemed to melt, but other than that this one was definitely good, I think I would repurchase this.

The Air Wick Vanilla Bean Candle is available in Savers for £1.99 or here for £2.93.

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Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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