Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue Review

Liquid eyeliner and I go waaaaaay back, from the first time as a young teenager where I shakily splodged on black liquid eyeliner, to know where I’m much better at winging it and perfecting those flicks. I’d explored the realms of eyeliners dabbling with gels, creams, kohls, and felt pens, but when I was given the Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue from a friend it was nice to get to try them again.
barry m liquid eyeliner
In terms of the packaging it’s simple but effective, it rocks the gold Barry M Logo and product name in a nice tapered tube in the same colour as the liner making this easy to store. I’m guessing that this has been discontinued as it’s not on the Boots website, but on Chemist Direct it is sold for £3.99 which an apparent RRP of £4.79.

In terms of the colour, the pigmentation is great showing up as bold as it is on the bottle if not bolder, I have some photos but they do not do the colour payoff justice, very bold, very pretty, the precision tip is also great for lining the eyes quickly and neatly.
eyes closed
Unfortunately I do have a problem with this liner whch is tied into the longevity. The liner does last relatively well however it fades leaving behind a dull blue stain which is ridiculously difficult to get off, which sucks because I hate scrubbing at the delicate skin on my eyelids.

It’s a bit of a shame and I’m on the fence with this one, pros are that it doesn’tsmudge or crease or run and has a bold colour but the cons include needing to top up regularly and having stained lids.

I don’t think I’d repurchase this, but it wasn’t too bad. Would you give this a try?

The Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue is available here for £3.99.

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Thanks for reading.
love x nina

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