Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive

Seventeen is a brand that I’ve recently been really impressed with, I used to think that they were just a cheap brand by Boots, however since then they’ve released a lot of products that have really excelled including their revamped Mirror Shine Lipsticks.
seventeen mirror shine lipstick
So this (sorry it’s on it’s side) is the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive, the packaging used to be blue but I think that this is much more sleek and luxurious. The price of one of these lipsticks is £4.79 which is well within the budget friendly section and when you pull the lid off a mirror slides out, which may be gimicky but is so bloomin’ useful.
In terms of the shade I would describe this as a peachy nude and it’s not too dissimilar to my MAC Lipstick in Pure Zen maybe just a little more pink toned. The formula is sheer however you can build it up to be more bold, it’s hydrating and creamy like a lipbalm.
I’ve been really enjoying this lipstick throughout spring, it’s low maintenance, fades evenly and adds colour and warmth to my lips. Overall, I’m really impressed with this and would definitely repurchase.
on my lips
The Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick is available here for £4.79.

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love x nina


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  1. I love the “falsifeye HD!” mascara from Seventeen. I included this mascara in today’s top 3 post 🙂 x

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