Rimmel Kate Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Electric Sapphire

I have to be honest, I really disliked the collaboration between Kate Moss and Rimmel London. I have no problem with Kate but I just found that the products and the product quality seemed to go down. I didn’t like the lispticks at all and found that the Lasting Finish Ones bled everywhere, smudged and feathered and I’m not a massive fan of this product either, here’s why.
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So here is the Rimmel Kate Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Electric Sapphire, it’s not too dissimilar to the original shadow sticks by Rimmel London which I love, with the jumo pencil and lid. The price of this is £4.49, which isn’t too bad.
Here is the swatch and as you can see it is a beautiful bold blue shade. I have some lighter blue shades but I didn’t have a navy and thought that this would be nice in my crease and outer corners. I’ve had this swatch on my hand for an hour maximum and already it’s faded quite a bit on my hand which is disappointing.
You may notice on my eyes that there’s some gaps and I’m going to explain that now. The normal shadow sticks by Rimmel London are brilliantly creamy, they glide onto the lid and blend like a dream and are just stunning. This matte formula however, sucked. It dragged on my lids and just would not blend at all, I found that it was harder to apply as the drier texture meant that it was harder to move, and the darn thing just sat there and would not blend even with a decent eyeshadow brush.
no blend
As you can see here, my eyes look awful when closed. I tried to fill in the gaps with the stick but there was no precision so I tried it with a brush and nothing it just splodged on and wouldn’t blend at all.

Overall I’m disappointed and I’m disappointed with the Rimmel Kate range as well. I won’t be purchasing anything else from this range and I’ll be avoiding these matte shadow sticks because the formula is different and it sucks. Please note that the original shadow sticks are amazing, I have the shade Bluffing and it’s perfect and I have none of these problems with it.

The Rimmel Kate Scandaleyes Shadow sticks are available here for £4.49.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have ever had any problems like this with jumbo eye pencils and if you have had problems with the Rimmel Kate range.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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2 Responses to Rimmel Kate Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Electric Sapphire

  1. Ooh no wonder you didn’t like them. The formula looks awful! I was going to suggest using a mixing medium to change how it glides along the lash line but it probs wouldn’t make a difference.

    • I could maybe use a mixing medium (although I’d need to buy one) but shadow sticks are supposed to be really quick and easy and these ones are just mess-central D:

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