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I don’t know about you guys but although I feel that sometimes tags can be a bit of an “easy cop out post” at the same time I do think that they can be useful for readers to get to know a blogger. I stumbled across this tag a while ago and I knew that I wanted to do it, it gives other bloggers the chance to shine and allows me to share some of my favourite blogs and youtube channels with you which I thought would be nice. So raise a glass to all of these lovely bloggers and I hope that you enjoy this post.

What was the first blog that you came across?
My first ever blog that I fully read was Musings of a Muse, she’s an american blogger who also has a love of makeup in particular asian beauty brands. I remember being hooked from day one and just reading post after post writing down everything that I wanted to try.
What are your favourite blog reads?
I definitely have a lot and I’m following tons of bloggers on Bloglovin but just off of the top of my head, I like: Annie Writes Beauty, Bed in the Kitchen, Essie Button, Hello Gemma (previously Gems Maquillage), London Beauty Queen, Midnight Violets, Miss Budget Beauty, Plus+ Beauty and The Sunday Girl to name a few.

Best Blogging Friend?
I have three that I really love to pieces. The first one is Rachel from Scentsensecentral, not only do I love her blog (and I truly do love it) but she’s also my best friend away from the internet, we go to the same University and are on the same course and she’s moving in with me in September! I also love BlondeBeauty13 or Natasha as you may know her. Natasha was one of the first people to regularly follow my blog and we had a few chats on Twitter as well, I really love Natasha’s blog. I also love Katie from Plus+beauty I think it’s hard not to adore her, not only is she funny and really sweet but she’s one of those who I can have a huge chat with and I really admire and respect her.

Name a blog that enables your purchases?
Honestly there isn’t a particular blog that enables me as such, usually it’s if I want to try something and I read several good reviews on it by different bloggers that I will then go out and purchase the item if I feel that it’s something that will work with me. I do find myself trusting Miss Budget Beauty a lot when it comes to products especially as she doesn’t rely on high end products only, I also trust Sensescentcentral, not only is Rachel a great friend but she really knows her perfume and candles so I know that if she adores something chances are I will love it too. She was the one that finally got me into scented candles as well.

Name 5 blogs that everyone should be reading?
This is subjective and obviously not everyone will agree with me, but these five bloggers are ones that I’m constantly checking for updates so I can read more.
1) London Beauty Queen
For her expertise when it comes to the legal stuff but mainly because of her in depth content, when I read Hayley’s writing she draws me in, she goes into detail about every product so you know exactly what you’re having and her lengthy lifestyle posts are alsoo great for making my brain tick and making me think.
2) Sensescentcentral
I know you guys are probably thinking that I’m plugging this blog because Rachel is my friend but it’s not just that. She adores perfume and can tell you everything about the different notes, how long a perfume lasts and which ones are worth the money and not only that but her writing style is relaxed and amusing. I love Rachel’s blog on an evening when I want to unwind.
3) Bed in the Kitchen
Jaye also has a youtube channel that I love watching and she’s so honest with everything which is a trait that I really value. There’s a good mix of low and high end products mentioned as well.
4) Plus+Beauty
Great for advice and tips for plus sized girls (which I’m not but still think are useful) and a montage of in depth looks, tricks and reviews. Once you start reading Katie’s blog you probably won’t be able to stop.
5) Miss Budget Beauty
Another blogger and youtuber that I am hooked on, Khila is effortlessly funny and charming and I find myself agreeing with so many things she says, she also adores lip products and is a great source for whenever you want to try something new.

What is your favourite way to read blogs?
I found that my feed was so crammed in wordpress and a lot of bloggers I like have their own websites or use a different platform such as blogger, so Bloglovin is an app that is essential tome. I have Bloglovin on my laptop and it’s great for breaking down posts into different bloggers so I know exactly who has a new post and when.

Bloggers that inspire you?
I don’t have particular bloggers as such because all bloggers in my eyes work hard at what they do, I admire London Beauty Queen for her posts and I admire Khila for juggling a job, children, a youtube channel and a blog. She is honestly a machine and I have a lot of respect for her.

Favourite Blog/Design Look?
I love the design of most blogs but I adore the set up of Musings of a Muse, not only do I love her design but she has different ways to search products from brand, to country, to price which is so useful.

Name a blogger who you think should write a book in the future?
Honestly? I don’t really. I find myself avoiding books and things made my bloggers, not because I don’t like them but in my eyes I think that authors work very hard and I think that sometimes when a blogger releases a book people are buying it just because it has the blogger’s name on it. I don’t abhore them or the process but I just think that despite them working hard on it, that sometimes bloggers and youtubers can be packaged as a commodity and as a brand themselves, which isn’t always a good thing. If I did want a blogger to write a book I would maybe go with Essie Button, simply because I can imagine it being interesting hearing her story from her life in Canada and her transition to the UK.

I tag everyone to do this tag, why not share a little love and make somebody elses day?

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what your favourite blog is at the moment and why.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina

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4 Responses to The Blogger Love Tag

  1. I’d love to here Essie Button’s story too! I’m British and Canadian so her story holds a special interest for me. Loved this post 😀 xx

  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Awe such a great tag post!! I will keep this one in mind! Thank you so much for the lovely and kind words! You’re so sweet!! I adore you and you’re blog as well! I am so glad that I have met you and made a great friend in you. Let’s chat more often!! 🙂 ❤ Xoxo

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