Topshop Lips in Wicked Review

Topshop’s makeup range has been something that I’ve wanted to delve into for a long time, I’ve heard glowing reviews and seen so many beautiful swatches that it was only a matter of time before I tried the range myself. I picked up the Topshop Glow in Polished and the Topshop Lips in Wicked and today I have a review on the lipstick.
topshop lips
So here is the lipstick bullet, I love the grungy/punky feel of the packaging and the round bullets are so easy to store which I love, I find the packaging to be simple but effective and indefinitely iconic. The lipsticks are priced at £8.00 each which is really budget friendly for a really good lipstick, I would go as far as to compare the lipstick I have tried to one of Mac’s and it’s almost half of the price.

It’s not very springly (if that’s a word) but I do love this shade, it’s a deep raspberry which is unlike any of my other lipsticks. The formula is a satin so this goes on really easily and when it fades, it fades to a stain and then nothing at all, there’s not flaking or patchiness which is so convenient. This doesn’t bleed either so you don’t need to have a lip liner to hand or to start panicking that it will smear everywhere, it stays put.

This does look darker in the tube than it is but I did use the testers to swatch so I was aware of the colour, I just find this to be really sophisticated and something a little more interesting than a dark red.

on me
As you can see on me this is a really pretty colour and it’s extremely striking against pale skin. I absolutely love this and will definitely be adding more of these lipsticks to my collection.

The Topshop Lips in Wicked is available here for £8.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any makeup by Topshop and what you think of this colour.

Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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2 Responses to Topshop Lips in Wicked Review

  1. I have the shade ‘beguiled’ from Topshop, I love it. It’s a deep cherry red-ish shade 🙂 x

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