Lee Stafford Here Comes the Curls Curl Management Spray

I adore Lee Stafford’s hair treatment and care products, I’ve raved about the Detangling Spray and Ubuntu Oils Repairing Mist which are two products that I adore, however my last experience with a Lee Stafford Styling product namely the Root Boost Mousse Spray left me feeling rather disappointed, so I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the Here Comes the Curls Curl Management Spray.
Here come the curls
So here is the product, don’t worry it isn’t expired it’s supposed to have that gunky look although I’m not entirely sure why. The product packaging is something I’ve mentioned before but just to reiterate I do like the branding of the package that stands out on the shelves and is easily recognisable as part of the Lee Stafford brand. This particular product retails for £9.99 which I would describe as mid range when it comes to drugstore haircare.

The product description is as follows:
“It de-fluffs, de-frizzes, and gives guts, texture and 24hr hold to curls. A multi-tasking styling spray for ladies with fine to medium, lank curls. This formula helps you win the battle against frizz whilst building structure, body and thickness of curls. For fine, lank curl types there is always a trade-off between the need to fight frizz and create volume. With my herE come the CurLs™ Curl ManageR SPraY there is no longer a compromise! You can tackle both dilemmas in one go. No more lank, lifeless hair. This formula contains Dynam-X® Complex to help fight frizz and humidity whist Fixate G100 builds structure, adds thickness and holds curls in place for 24 hours!”

I have naturally thin hair that is very wavy but is thin and flat and prone to frizziness so I was pretty excited to receive this as a gift as it sounded like the answer to all of my haircare problems. Unfotunately however this product just did not work for me.

First of all I tried applying this to damp hair and dry hair but I found that the spray was very concentrated on one area which meant that a lot of product was required for one use.

In addition to this, I had hoped that this would be a water based mist, but it sprayed on like a gel and made my hair feel really sticky and when it did eventuay dry it clumped my hair together like straw and left it very crispy like I had used way to much cheap hairspray. I was very disappointed with this.

I didn’t actually feel like this actually did do anything that it promised and after two uses of me trying to work with it in different ways and after following the instructions I just could not make this work for me, no matter how quickly I tried to distribute the product.

Sadly I won’t be repurchasing this product and I wouldn’t recommend it. I have added this to my blog sale because what doesn’t work for me may end up working for someone else but if, like me, you have fine wavy/curly hair I wouldn’t expect too much from this.

The Lee Stafford Here Comes The Curls Curl Management Spray is available here for £9.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Have you tried anything by Lee Stafford? Please share you experiences with me in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
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One Response to Lee Stafford Here Comes the Curls Curl Management Spray

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Sorry to hear that this product didn’t work out. :/ A couple of my favorite products to use are Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray. 🙂 xo

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