Ten Brands I want to try #1

Let’s face it, no matter how rich you are there will always be makeup products and brands that you haven’t tried, especially if they’re not readily available near you, so I thought it would be fun to share with you ten brands that I really want to try and why.
Anastasia Beverly Hills
I’ve heard so many people talk about Anastasia Beverly Hills and the more I hear about them the more that I want to try them. I have three products that I particularly want to try the first do being the cult products Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade. I also really like the look of the Tamana palette although sadly I don’t know if that is limited edition.

I know many of you may be shocked that I haven’t tried ELF especially as they’re a really budget friendly brand but I tend to favour shopping in person rather than online and despite having so many of their products on my wishlist I’ve never been able to just sit down and do a good online shop. I love the look of their smudge pots but am also curious about the clear wet gloss mascara, their HD mattifying products and of course their lipsticks just to name a few.

Glo and Ray
Glo and Ray are a relatively new brand that seems to be making it’s way around the bloggersphere, I particularly love the look of their Mariposa Palettes but I’m also really intrigued by their Skyline Eyeliners because I love experimenting with colour on my eyes.

The simple reason I haven’t tried Hourglass is simply because of the price point, as a student I’m budgeting a lot and I just haven’t had the spare cash to justify blowing it all on one product. I do have my eyes on the Ambient Light Blushers in particular but I’ve heard good things about the Powder counterparts and mixed reviews on the Opaque Rouges.

Kiko Cosmetics
Although Kiko products are supposedly high quality for a mid ranged price I’ve just not had the chance to buy any of their items mainly because I don’t always like shopping online and because I live in Huddersfield and their nearest store to me is Leeds which is a very long bus ride or two or a train away. I think that with so many beautiful products available it’s only a matter of time before I cave and for me it’s the highlighters that suck me in.

Makeup Forever
Not only is Makeup Forever a pricier brand but it isn’t readily available in the UK unless I want to pay extortionate shipping fees (which I really don’t) although I have heard rumours that they will be launching in Debenhams in the UK which is incredibly exciting if that is true. I have my eye on their Aqua Cream Eyeshadows, Smokey Lash Mascara and of course the HD foundation and powder.

Although Stila is available in the UK it’s only in selected Boots stores and when I went into Bradford specifically for Stila the counter and shelves were bare. Having said that a lot of their products are available online so again I’ll probably pick them up there. I really love the look of their eyeliners, the kitten cream eyeshadow and of course their palettes.

I’ve wanted to try Tarte for the longest time so until their products became available on QVC there was no way I would be able to try them unless I flew to America or paid expensive shipping fees. I definitely want to try the Amazonian Clay Blushers and Foundation and I’m also intrigued by their mascaras.

Tom Ford
For some people Tom Ford may be a luxurious indulgence or a treat but for me it’s very very expensive. I definitely don’t doubt the quality of their products but £40.00 for a lipstick is pretty steep so at the moment I’m holding off on trying the brand.

Too Faced
I’ve seen so many beautiful products by Too Faced I love the look of their eyeshadow palettes, Melted Lipsticks and Candlelight Powders but again similar to Stila the brand isn’t readily accessible so I think I will have to hunt down their products online.

So that is it for this post, have you tried any of these brands? If so please leave your recommendations in the comments!

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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