Double Review – Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish in Tutti-Fruity and Introducing Nail Buff

So today I have a double post for you, I will be reviewing a nail polish that I have been trialling and I also will be talking about an exciting new website that also relates to nails. I’m not going to ramble, because we have a lot to talk about so on with the post.

Introducing Nail Buff
*This is a sponsored section and I will be compensated (in nail polish) however my views are honest and my own.
This is a new website launched by two lovely ladies Harpreet and Kam. Harpreet is a qualified nail technician and Kam is a qualified beauty therapist. Both are UK based however the website works internationally.

The idea behind Nail Buff launched after Harpreet went shopping and purchased two polishes that she already owned, both sisters decided that it would be useful to be able to have a catalogue of their polishes and decided to create Nail Buff.

Nail Buff is a website which you can login with using Facebook. The idea is that you can either upload photos or use a colour wheel to name a polish that you have an a relevant swatch. The site also allows you to search polishes based on colour or brand and two compare swatches side by side.

At this moment in time only selected brands are available on the database however you can easily add your own brand (I added Barry M) so you can catalogue a polish. The owners plan on adding a feature where users can share their collection with other users.
nail buff
(My collection on the nail buff website)

Although I have never bought the same product twice as someone with over fifty nail polishes I do like the idea to catalogue my polishes, not only can I refer back to the catalogue to know which polishes I have but I can see which colours I have lacking which is also fun.

Overall I do like the website it still is under development and new features are constantly being added however you can login and start your own collection by clicking this link here or by visiting

Collection Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polish in Tutti Fruity Review
I got this polish a long time ago with a beauty bundle I purchased online. I’d not tried a Collection nail polish before so I was curious to see what they would be like.
collection hot looks nail polish
So this is the Collection Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polish in Tutti Fruity. In all honesty the packaging is pretty plain and cheap looking however I wouldn’t expect anything else considering this product is priced at a mere £1.99.

In terms of the polish everything was just “meh” about it. The brush was standard, application was mediocre and the finish was nothing special. After application my nails looked like this.
first applie
As you can see the colour is nice but the formula is just a bit messy, this took a few coats and I had to neaten them up on top of that. Usually I would apply a topcoat but I wanted to see how long this could last before major chipping.
after a week
After the first day the polish was withstanding pretty well but a week later and I was left with this. You may say that I should expect this, however, had this been one of my beloved Barry M Gelly Hi Shine’s and this would still be relatively intact.

I can also say that in terms of the “fast drying time” this isn’t any faster than any other polish, so I don’t agree with that claim.

Overall, I’m not impressed, I wouldn’t repurchase and I won’t be purchasing any more polishes from the range. Some may say that “You get what you pay for” but with brands such as MUA and Makeup Revolution that are delivering excellent products for low prices, I have to say the expectations for budget makeup have gone up.

The Collection Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polishes are available here for £1.99.


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