Studio London Makeup Brush Collection

Up until Christmas the only makeup brushes that I owned and treasured were my beloved Real Techniques Core Collection, a cheap powder brush, an Avon Concealer Brush and a Seventeen Blusher Brush so I was over the moon when my friend Neelofar bought me the Studio London Makeup Brush Collection. Not only are these brushes super soft, (I’m having a love affair with the powder brush) but they’re so versatile, so here’s my review.
studio london box
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So here is the box of the brushes (I’ve thrown my box) and not only is the packaging gorgeous. I love the minimalist black and white with the inky splodges, but it houses five beautiful brushes. This isn’t available in stores at the moment but from research I believe that this was priced at £7.50 from Superdrug which is really budget friendly.
studio london brushes
The brushes have firm plastic handles and are incredibly soft, better yet these don’t shed or scratch my skin which is what I usually end up griping about. Within this set I got: a powder brush, an eyeliner brush, an angled lip brush, a precision eye shadow brush, a blending eyeshadow brush and a powder brush (or as it says on the box blush!).

Powder Brush
powder brush
First up is the powder brush, this is my absolute favourite because it’s softer than all of the makeup brushes Ihave ever tried. This is wide and dense enough to pick up product but not so dense that it has no flexibility. I actually use this as a blusher brush because my Seventeen Blusher Brush is scratchy and sheds like crazy. I absolutely love this.
Angled Lip Brush
angled brush
This isn’t soft like the powder brush but I believe that once I’ve washed it, it will be. This angled of this is great for precision and the hollow centre of the brush prevents it from being too dense and less flexible. The only think I wish that was this was a little smaller because I don’t have huge lips, however I prefer this over my No7 Lip Brush.
Eyeliner Brush
I haven’t given this a full go yet as I don’t have a gel liner but from trying it with eyeshadow it’s pretty decent. It needs a wash to soften it up but it seems sturdy which is what I want from an eyeliner brush so I’m looking forward to giving this a go.
Blending Eye shadow Brush
flat brush
So here is the blending eyeshadow brush, I do like this because the tapered white tip is incredibly soft, and rather than being very stiff it does rotate. The slight stiffness is a pro because it means it’s not going to splay but if I could change one thing I would make it slightly fluffier. I personally find this on par with the Urban Decay brush I got in my Naked 2 Palette.
Precision Eyeshadow Brush
precision eye brush
The final brush is the precision eyeshadow brush and if I’m completely honest this is my least favourite. It is soft and flexible but the brush itself is too wide to be precise in my opinion and it’s completely round all the way around with a dome top meaning that this isn’t great for nooks and crannies.

Overall I’m impressed with this brush set and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it, I’d definitely recommend it and I’m so grateful to my friend for buying me this, it’s a truly lovely gift so thanks Neela!

The Studio London Makeup Up Brush Collection is available on Amazon and Ebay and in selected Superdrug stores.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, do you have any great budget brushes? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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4 Responses to Studio London Makeup Brush Collection

  1. neelofarj says:

    Nice review on the brushes! And you’re welcome – glad you liked them! ^__^ I had a brush set I got ages ago which was from Asda and I think it was around £4, but I loved it. Unfortunately it kept shedding and I had to throw them all away but your review definitely makes me want to buy some more make-up brushes 😀

  2. kiranalix says:

    Love this post!!x

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