Mica Beauty (formerly Micabella) Cosmetics Jewels Hand and Body Lotion Review

I hate salesmen or should I say I hate the job of a salesman. Naturally it’s not their fault and they’re getting paid to do a job, but there is nothing more I dislike when shopping wheen a salesman gets in my face when I’m carrying eight bags and will not p**s off and stop making me feel guilty until I buy something or take a free sample.

A funny anecdote here was when me and my friend Rachel (over at sensescentcentral.wordpress.com) were shopping in Meadowhall for Christmas. We got cornered by a salesman I took the sample of his hand cream and poor Rachel had her nails filed, told him she hated them and then screamed and accused him of trying to take her hand off (if you’re reading this Rachel then you are an IDIOT). I’m digressing but at least from the whole experience I got a free sample of the Mica Beauty (formerly known as Micabella) Cosmetics Jewel Hand and Body Lotion.
jewels hand cream
So here is the sample of the product and for a sample it’s actually really cute. I love the jewel shape and design of the packaging, the logo and the writing, it’s elegant and pretty. This claims to be a hand and body lotion but I just used this on my hands to see how it worked. The full size of this is the Mica Beauty Jewels Line The Diamond Collection: Mademoiselle Hand and Body Lotion (ugh another long winded name) and is priced at a whopping £40.00.

In terms of the texture of the product it was of course a white cream, however it had a really greasy feel to it like glycerin which I really disliked, as opposed to leaving my hands soft my hands actually felt drier an hour later and initially after applying the product my hands felt sweaty and clammy. Gross.

The smell of this was awful, very chemically but the brand had tried to cover it up with a scent. Unfortunately the “scent” of this product smelled cheap and nasty like cheap washing up liquid which again is just nasty.

Honestly? This product didn’t do it for me, I’d much rather repurchase my L’Occitane Almond Milk Hand Cream which is far nicer, better quality and is cheaper too.

Sorry Mica Beauty but this product just doesn’t do it for me.

The Mica Beauty Jewels Line The Diamond Collection: Mademoiselle Hand and Body Lotion is available here for £40.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments if you have ever had a bad experience with a salesman and what the best and worst hand creams you have tried are.

Thanks for reading.
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3 Responses to Mica Beauty (formerly Micabella) Cosmetics Jewels Hand and Body Lotion Review

  1. Paul E B says:

    Micabella, Meadowhall are a bunch of rip off con jobs.
    They sold my 80 year old mum 800 quid’s worth of crap, seeing an easy mark in a pensioner with dementia.

  2. Paul E B says:

    The receipt is on my google +

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