Aussie Dual Personality Coloured Hair Protection and Shine Serum Review

I vividly remember my first experience of using a hair serum, I was very young (under ten) and my mum let me use hers. It was a red plastic bottle and me being very young and overexcited at the prospect of being a grown up and using makeup and hair products, dumped way too much over my head. Since then I’d not used a hair serum until my lovely boyfriend bought me the Aussie Dual Personality Colour Protection and Shine Serum. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it’s a lovely product so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

The Aussie Dual Personality Colour and Protection and Shine Serum retails for £4.99 and comes in the iconic Aussie white packaging with the logo on it. For your money you get 75ml of product which is quite a lot considering a little really goes a long way.

The product itself squeezes out of the nozzle as an oil, I tend to rub it in my palms to heat it up a little and then apply most of it to the end of my hair then any excess through the rest of my hair when my hair is damp after a shower.

At the moment I have coloured my hair dark red, not only is my hair dry anyway so always is in need of moisture, but red is notorious for fading quickly so a product that adds moisture and shine whilst protecting the colour is great. I can confirm that this definitely softens my hair and add shine and so far two weeks after dyeing my hair the colour is still vibrant.

The product description is as follows:
Aussie Dual Personality Styling Shine and Coloured Hair Protection Serum is lovingly infused with Jojoba oil. Aussie’s serum turns up the shine on colour and leaves hair soft and conditioned. Just give the bottle a little shake, work it through your hair and be amazed at the result. “The Aussie Philosophy” – There’s more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start.

Of course this product has the beautiful scent of all Aussie Hair products, I can really smell the sweetness of the Jojoba oil and this adds a soft and sweet smell to my hair which I think is a really comforting scent. I wouldn’t say that this is a miracle product, when you first apply it your hair isn’t going to magically be like the girls from the adverts but that is to be expected. Realistically though this definitely leaves my hair in good condition and it’s a really nice product to have. I’d thoroughly recommend it and I can see myself repurchasing this in the future.

The Aussie Dual Personality Shine and Coloured Hair Protection Serum is available here for £4.99.

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