Barry M Lipstick in Genie Review

What may be one woman’s gimmick may be another one’s treasure…That quote makes no sense but you should all be used to my madness by now. The reason why I’m talking gimmicks is because today I will be talking about a lipstick that I picked up from Barry M which (get this) is bright green in the tube but adapts to the PH of your skin to create your own bespoke shade of pink. Does it sound gimmicky? Indefinitely. But, I’m definitely intrigued and I’m quite taken with it now, here’s my thoughts.
barry m genie lipstick

The packaging is small and square which I quite like, it’s boxy but it actually looks quite chic and sleek. I like how the packaging is half green and half pink reinforcing the colour changing idea. This lipstick retails for £4.49 which is a really decent price for a lipstick, this is also the first Barry M lipstick that I have tried so I was definitely very excited and curious about this product.

In terms of the scent this smells kind of like apples which I really like, the product is green in the bullet however this turns pink as soon as it comes in contact with skin which is really cool. I don’t know why but I expected the lipsticks from Barry M to be cheap and drying so I was pleasantly surprised by the formula. This goes on nice and easily and is moisturising without being greasy or messy. It doesn’t bleed or feather it coats by lips evenly, fades evenly and stays in place which I’m pretty impressed with.
first application
(First application)
(Once the magic takes effect my entire lips are the colour of the centre of them in this photo, I’m left with a weightless stain on my lips that doens’t budge and looks gorgeous.)

I really like the colour this adds to my lips, it’s a stunning fuschia, bright enough for spring but not too in your face. I like how it isn’t too warm or cool toned but sits comfortably in the mirror, I always feel really glamourous and pretty when I wear this with a more natural eye, it definitely spices up a natural makeup look.

Overall I’m really impressed with this, it surpassed my expectations and after showing all of my friends and letting them try it they all wanted to get it too. It may be gimmicky to some but for me it’s a gimmick that I like and can totally get on board with.

The Barry M Genie Lipstick is available here for £4.49.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know what you think of the Barry M Genie Lipstick would you want to try it for yourself or do you think it’s way too gimmicky?

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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2 Responses to Barry M Lipstick in Genie Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I agree, I adore this product. I always get excited when wearing it because it’s just so much fun to watch this green looking product turn into a nice pink on my lips. 🙂 xx

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