Ted Baker Beau Box Review

Usually I really like Ted Baker products, I had the Butterfly Wings Body Spray a while back and I really enjoyed it, so when I was given the Ted Baker Beau Box for Christmas I was really pleased. Unfortunately after trying the spray of this, I’ve discovered that sadly me and this set are not meant to be, here’s my review.
Ted Baker Beau

In terms of the packaging it’s really pretty, the box is a thick box with pink and orange on it, concealing four products inside. I like the image of the buildings but one of pet peeves with Ted Baker products is that they never seem to have names of the sets on the box which is super annoying. I’m not sure on this price I’ve seen it on Ebay for between £12 and £20.

In terms of the products, I’ve tried the Ted Baker body sprays before. The sprays are water based and much more like mists I would say. The Body butters do leave the skin feeling soft, so I have no qualms with the quality of the products.

Unfortunately with this set it’s the smell that I just can’t get on with, apparently according to the bottle it’s Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla. I usually love Vanilla scents but I can only smell a heavy scent of Rose and Sandalwood which is just not my sort of thing. I did try this but found that the scent was overpowering and just not for me.

The products in this box include a body spray, a body souffle, a bath foam and a body wash, I do think that this is a nice set and had I liked the smell I know I would have used this a lot.

Sadly though not everyone can like every scent and unfortunately this doesn’t do it for me. I’ve used the spray once and everything is still sealed and unused so I’ll probably sell or pass this on.

The Ted Baker Beau Box is available here for £14.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any Ted Baker products and what smells just don’t do it for you.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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