Question and Answer #2

Hi everyone, so I love doing tag posts but I was getting a little bored of them and thought that I’d spice things up with and Question and Answer where you guys could ask me questions and I oculd answer. I reached out on Facebook and Twitter and got some really good questions, so here I am answering them, I hope that you enjoy this post.

Q) What do you look for in a skincare product?
I think for me price point is major, if it’s a decent brand then I’ll pay more but I won’t ever spend near the hundred pound mark, I also think that with new brands it’s bad when products are priced really high because if I’m trying a brand I don’t want to pay too much money. In terms of formulation it needs to be unfragranced for a start, I have really sensitive skin so heavily fragranced products irritate. This isn’t a must be also prefer products free from parabens or alcohol when possible. Finally again this isn’t a necessity but good product packaging will draw me in. Skin II do a serum in an iridescent glass bottle which I can’t stop staring at, things like that really draw me in.

Q) Why wordpress and not blogger?
As much as I love that blogger is easier, I prefer wordpress because I have more options to customise my blog to something that I really like, an added bonus is that ability to search blogs by category.

Q) When did you really get into makeup?
I answeredthis fully in “My Makeup Story” tag post, however I started wearing it and got into it aged eleven, I fully got obsessed when I started University because I had the money to spend on products.

Q) What is your favourite brand?
I have a huge list of brands that I love but I think my all time favourites have to be Illamasqua and MAC. I do love my drugstore brands too though MUA are great and Rimmel are dependable.

Q) What would be the best lip product you could recommend for a burst of colour that’s still moisturising?
If you really like bold lips then definitely get your hands on the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms, if you prefer a more sheeny colour with more moisture then try the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, they offer a lovely wash of colour and are really hydrating.

Q) What’s the best budget foundation for good coverage?
It really depends on the finish, I usually go for medium coverage to high coverage foundations and I really like L’oreal True Match and Rimmel London Match Perfection. If you are looking for longevity then try Revlon Colourstay although that one is heavier and darker. At the moment I am loving a matte finish and I use Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation in Ivory if you prefer to shop online, I apply that with a makeup sponge namely my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I’d also recommend (if you really love budget brands) the Almay Smart Skin Mousse Foundation which is great for paler skinned girls.

Q) What is the best technique for smokey eyes?
Creating a solid look always takes practice and good products, for smokey eyes I do either neutral tones or greys and silvers but the technique is the same. Using the doe foot applicator (or an eyeshadow brush if you have one), take a medium coloured shade so a medium grey or mid-toned brown and apply that over the lid. Then take a darker shade (either a deep brown or a black) and just dab that onto the outer corners of your eyes and apply into the crease (the little gold between your eyelid and brow bone), use the same brush to blend the colours together. Using the lightest shade (pale white toned silver or pale shimmery gold) dab that onto your inner corners of your eyes. Then take an eyeliner (either brown or black) and add to the lower waterline, don’t worry if it smudges it adds to the effect. Finally take your medium or dark shade of eyeshadow and with the applicator just run this across your lower lash line. Add lashings of mascara and your look is complete!

Q) What eyeshadow palette would you recommend for the best smokey eye effect?
If you want to create a brown smokey eye then definitely get the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, it’s £4.00 from Superdrug and has everything you need and more. If you want a classic grey/black smokey eye then try the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in 001 Smokey Noir which retails for around £6.00, that’s my go-to palette for smokey eyes.

Q) What is one makeup piece that you couldn’t be without?
Foundation, it’s just something that makes me feel so much more confident. When I wake up and look at my skin I always feel ugly but once I have my foundation on I feel confident, pretty and ready to start the day – I couldn’t be without that.

Q) If you could ban one colour from the makeup world what would it be?
Yellow, whether it be yellow eyeshadows, yellow lips, or yellow highlighters (I mean yellow yellow not gold), it’s an ugly colour and quite frankly it’s not versatile either.

Q) What is your beauty pet peeve?
The most obvious one is when people don’t blend in their foundation and have huge slag lines or just don’t colour match and where something that’s way too dark. Yes there are people with different skintones but no woman is born with day-glo orange skin, it’s unneccesary, unflattering and is a rookie mistake. You don’t need to be a makeup artist or professional to know that a really dark foundation probably won’t work for you if you have very fair skin.

Q) What is one makeup trick that you’re glad that you learned?
This is actually a beauty hack but it’s so clever. With powder products especially things like pressed powders you may notice over time they get what is like a skin on them where it changes colour slightly and doesn’t perform as well. If it smells gross it’s expired and throw it, but sometimes it’s just oxygenated. Take a butter knife and scrape away the skin, you’ll find that your product will work just as well as it did before and you don’t need to buy a new one.

Q) What is your night time beauty regime?
I’m assuming that this question relates to skincare so here we go. I start with a cleanse and at the moment I’m loving cleansing oils. I use the Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil, I squirt a few pumps into my hands, warm it up then massage into the face allowing it to melt my makeup. I then warm a flannel with warm water and just wipe my makeup away. At the moment I’m out of toner but usually afterwards I use a toner on my skin. Next is a face oil or serum as I have quite dry skin, at the moment I’m using a sample of the Kiss The Moon Face Oil which is really lightweight and moisturising. Finally I moisturise and at the moment I’m using my Nivea Moisturisier, then if I have a Night Cream I’ll apply that too.

Q) If you were chosen to make a product range what would it be?
It would have to be a range of bold lipstick choices ranging from neons to dark vampy shades, think Lime Crime, Illamasqua and MAC and that’s what it would be. I’d have a lot of fun choosing the colours and the names too!

So that is it for this question and answer, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and if you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
Love x



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