Pastel Wishlist #1

With spring right around the corner, I’ve already been gravitating towards brighter colours and pastel shades, so I thought it would be fun to put together ten products that I have on my radar that are all pastel themed. The pastel trend always seems to be prominent in one shape or form so here’s some goodies that you can add to your lists too.
Disclaimer – As I have used photos from the internet some of the products appear darker in this photo than they actually are. Trust me they are still pastel shades.


1) Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick in Loving Lilac £8.50 (avon)
I’ve not tried too many products from Avon but their lipsticks seem to have glowing reviews and when I tried some of my friends they were surprisingly great quality. I’m not sure if I would manage to pull off lilac lips so I thought I’d opt for a relatively budget friendly option to see if I like it first. I know that in the photo the lipstick looks bright pink but on the website it does appear more lilac in tone.

2) Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Rose Hip £3.99 (Boots)
I’m not a big lover of pink however there is a distinct lack of pale pink shades in my nail polish collection (I believe I have one) and the Barry M polishes are some of my favourites. What I love about this pale pink is that rather than being frosty or glittery it’s a pale almost white cream polish which I think would love lovely, especially as my skin is fair but olive toned.

3) Benefit Dandelion Pink Perk Me Up Face Powder £23.50 (Boots)
I’ve wanted to try the Benefit Boxed Blushes for the longest time and I still haven’t gotten around to trying them (mainly because they look really small for the price) however Dandelion is a gorgeous pale pink shade that I think would be really brightening. I haven’t bit the bullet yet and purchased a Benefit Blusher but Dandelion may just make me do so.

4) Eos Lip Balm in Bluberry Acai £5.99 (naturissimo)
In my eyes, one can never have too many lip balms and despite buying my first ever Eos lip balm from Topshop the other day (more on that soon) I do also have my eye on the Blueberry Acai offering. Again one of my friends had this and when I tried it, it was like a smoothie on the lips.

5) Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple £7.99 (
This is another product that has been on my list for a really long time and I genuinely don’t know why I haven’t purchased this yet. Essie is a brand that I’m not overly familiar with but I can’t deny that the hype around this polish has me intrigued. Especially as my current mint polish from Beauty UK goes on like Tippex on the nails.

6) Jane Cosmetics Water Resistant Eyeliner in Aqua £3.83 (
Jane Cosmetics is a brand which has more than a few products featured on my beauty wishlist despite never having tried the brand. One of the products that has peaked my interest is their Water Resistant Eyeliner in Aqua. Although this looks darker in the photo it offers a bright aqua pigment which I think would make a lovely twist on the standard black eyeliner trend.

7) MAC Lipstick in Angel £15.50 (
I had to feature a MAC lipstick on here and Angel has been on my list for ages. I really like the pink tone of this but the fact that it is a frost  really puts me off, so I might end up purchasing Creme Cup yet. Both are cult lipsticks and both are products I really want to try.

8) Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Stick in Yellow £8.99 (
Ever since London Beauty Queen mentioned this amazing colour correcting sticks on her blog I’ve had my eye on more than one of them. The yellow one really appeals to me because yellow is supposed to counteract purple tones which I definitely have under my eyes. I’m intrigued to see if this wonder pencil can really counteract my dark circles once and for all.

9) Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Secret Lagoon £1.99 (
I know for a fact that this eyeshadow is a hell of a lot paler (think a minty green tone) because I’ve swatched it in Boots multiple times. I really like the Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows although I don’t use them as much as I should. They really are great for just adding a wash of colour of the lid and you can also build them up to be quite bright. Cheap and Cheerful these don’t break the bank and they’re small enough to store easily.

10) Yves Rocher Lipstick in Coral £4.00 (
I should have probably written down the particular of this lipstick but as far as I am aware it’s just their standard lipstick. I’ve wanted to try Yves Rocher for a while now and this lipstick is a beautiful coral colour that is only priced at a mere four pounds which I have to admit is very tempting, especially as some of their products are on sale at the moment.

So that is it for this wishlist, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried or want any of these products and feel free to share some of your favourite or highly sought after pastel products.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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One Response to Pastel Wishlist #1

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Love your picks! I have the EOS Balm in Blueberry Acai and I really love it!! 🙂 xx

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