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Having used mascara since I was around eleven it’s no secret that I have tried a lot of different brands and products so I thought it would be fun to collate all of my mascara experiences and to share with you guys my answers to the Top Mascara Tag.
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1) Best packaged Mascara?
For me it has to be the Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious, I absolutely adore the rainbow packaging and out of every single drugstore mascara that was the one that just grabbed my attention and made me want to buy it. I don’t always fall for packaging but a great packaged product definitely gives me another incentive to buy.

2) Best for Volume?
I don’t have a lot of lashes so for me it’s super important to make them look as volumised as possible, I actually really like the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast or Benefit They’re Real Mascara for volume. Thick and Fast has a huge fibre brush that really packs on the product and They’re Real has a plastic wand which helps to grip each lash even the outer corner lashes.

3) Best for Length?
This mascara that I’m about to mention is going to be one that will also be mentioned in another question but it’s so darn good and isn’t the title holder of my favourite mascara for no reason. I think I’ve teased you enough now so I’ll tell you that it is the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara and I had the one in a gold tube. I don’t know what it was that just worked but it did, it had a plastic curved brush that really hugged the lashes, and a formula that just wasn’t too wet or dry and that lengthened and separated every lash without clumping. I’ve tried a lot of other mascaras since then but none of them have quite compared.

4) Best for Curl?
Again I’m going with the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, my lashes have a nice curl naturally anyway but whenever I used this mascara and my Lancome Eyelash Curlers my lashes just looked amazing. I think it had to be the curved wand but the formula definitely helped.

5) Biggest regret?
This has to be the Mememe Sleek and Chic Lengthening Mascara. I received this in a bundle and not only did the wand snap which was just crazy but it honestly did nothing for my lashes. I also hated the mascara I used when I was younger which was the Technic one. For a while it did the job as I didn’t have a lot of money until I bought three tubes and all three were already dried up.

6) Biggest Bargain?
I have one of thesebut haven’t tried it yet but I think I’m going to say Essence Mascaras. Whether you like them or not I think it’s amazing that they have over ten different mascaras and all of them are around the three pound mark. I feel like I’m cheating a little since I haven’t fully trialled my Essence mascara yet but I was impressed by the range.

7) All Time Favourite?
My all time favourite has to be the L’oreal Telescopic, I haven’t yet repurchased as I have a ton of mascaras to work through but for me even to remember it after trying so many just goes to show how amazing it truly was.

So that is it for this tag, and as usual I tag anyone who wants to do this post. If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know your best and worst mascaras in the comments!

Thanks for reading.
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