Products that I wish weren’t discontinued #1

The makeup graveyard, where all of our beloved makeup products go when they no longer grace the shelves of our local stores…You guessed it, today I’m going to be talking about discontinued makeup products. Having your favourite makeup product discontinued is an absolute pain, leaving you with a choice of going without, finding a dupe or paying extortionate prices on the likes of Ebay and Amazon for potentially expired products. It’s a sad process and so I thought I’d bring you ten products or brands that have been discontinued that I really miss.

discontinued products

Barry M Dazzle Dusts (certain shades discontinued)
These haven’t officially been declared as discontinued but every time I go into my local Boots there is barely if any of these available and the official website has admitted to discontinuing a lot of shades. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to really try these because some of the colours and simply breathtaking and loose eyeshadows are always fun to work with.

Benefit Bella Bamba Boxed Blush (Discontinued)
I’m so gutted this has been discontinued because I had plans to try the Benefit blushers and this was discontinued before I had chance to buy it. I loved the colours is this, the finish and am really sad that it has been discontinued.

3) The Body Shop Neroli Jasmine Range (parts of line discontinued)
This was really sad to lose, I received one of the shower creams from this range and fell in love but when I asked around in the Body Shop no products of this range were available which was really disheartening. A lot of people in particular are mourning the loss of the perfume of this scent.

4) Dainty Doll (brand discontinued)
Nicola Roberts was always my favourite member of Girls Aloud so I rejoiced when I found out that she was creating a makeup line targeted at pale girls. Unfortunately though my excitement was shortlived as this vanished from the shelves of Boots and now can only be found in selected wholesale stores. I have seen a few of these products been sold wholesale but am concerned whether of not they have expired and are safe for use.

5) FashionistA (brand appears to be discontinued)
When FashionistA seemed to become harder and harder to obtain I was pleased to see that MUA had bought out the brand and heard that they were still selling FashionistA makeup on their website. However, I’ve searched the MUA website several times and I can’t find any products to buy which makes me think that they no longer are making them.

6) Jemma Kidd Cosmetics (brand doscontinued)
I think Jemma Kidd fans all shed a tear the day that the brand went into administration. I liked the products that I had tried by Jemma Kidd so was sad to learnt that they would no longer be available. I think the Light as Air Foundation is a product that is mourned by many including Vivianna Does Makeup.

7) Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes (most shades discontinued)
I have one of these polishes in Surf Spray and not only does it smell nice and is a gorgeous colour but the packaging is so cute so I was gutted when I went onto the Boots website only to find out that most of the shades had been discontinued. I think some of these wil be available online still but accessibility is definitely a lot harder.

8) Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamels (discontinued)
I love these nail polishes so it really frustrates me when I find another colour I like and I can’t just grab it from Boots. These are still stocked in several wholesalers but selected colours are becoming harder and harder to find which is sad because both the colours and the formula is amazing.

9) Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Paints
Alongside Revlon, Rimmel London is another brand that seems to create amazing products only to discontinue them later. I haven’t tried these shadow paints but I love cream and liquid eyeshadows and have heard great reviews so I really want to try them. These are apparently available in Poundland at the moment but I’m not sure how long that will be.

10) UNE Cosmetics
I only ever tried one thing by Une which was a lipstick that wasn’t my colour but quite a few people seemed to enjoy the products and sleek white packaging so it’s a shame that this brand is no longer gracing Boots. I don’t feel this loss as much because I never tried many of their products but I know that quite a few people will be upset about this.

So that is it for this post, if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know in the comments a product or brand that you fell in love with and then it got discontinued. We can mourn together.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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4 Responses to Products that I wish weren’t discontinued #1

  1. I didn’t know the revlon fast speeds were discontinued! I love those!!!! They actually do dry mighty fast which is great for us unpatient girls!!

  2. I’ve tried Rimmel’s ‘Bronze’ Scandaleyes and I was really disappointed with it, I looked forward to trying them for ages too 😦 x

  3. Is une completely unavailable?
    i love their nail paints!!

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