Inside Nina’s Noggin #1

Ever since I started this blog I’ve only focused on beauty with the off tag post thrown in but I thought I’d start a new series called “Inside Nina’s Noggin” in this series you guys will get to know me a bit better and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what are often deemed controversial issues in the blogging world. Aside from being a beauty blogger I’m also a student studying a degree in Journalism at the University of Huddersfield and something that I am very passionate about is ethics in particular. I hope that you enjoy this post and feel free to share your comments below (athough I’d prefer if any hate could not be posted). Today’s topics are going to be three bug bears, including drastic change in content, unrelated PR samples and content theft.

Drastic Change in Content
The first issue I’m going to be talking about is a Drastic Change in Content but you may be asking what I mean by that. First of all I have to admit although I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of youtubers I am very picky about what content I view. It has to be something that grips me and something that I’ve very interested in otherwise I’m just not going to enjoy it. I get that a lot of beauty bloggers also delve into fashion and food which is fine with me because I can just skim over the posts I’m not too interested in but what really saddens me is when a blogger changes their content drastically. Lately a lot of beauty vloggers and bloggers have become pregnant which for them is a life changing experience and of course something amazing because they’re creating life but at the same time if I’ve been watching a beauty blogger or vlogger for years because of their quality beauty content it saddens me if I’m only being presented with baby videos. I get it you may be having your first child and you want the world to know which is great but I have to be honest until I have my own child (which won’t be anytime soon) I’m not interested in baby food, baby clothing and the like. Some bloggers will create their own channel dedicated to such which is great or they will still mix up the content. Popular youtuber A Sprinkle of Glitter has a young girl but she stills uploads regular content and not everything features her child. Don’t get me wrong her child is beautiful but I have to admit if she stopped doing beauty and lifestyle and only blogged and vlogged about being a parent I would mostly click the unsubscribe button. I’m not telling anyone not to talk about their family obviously family plays a huge part in our lives and creating out own family is something magical but I have to say I definitely prefer it when bloggers and vloggers stick to their guns and either create a seperate channel or blog about parenting or ensure that their content isn’t just baby related.

Unrelated PR Samples
Up next is a topic that I feel very strongly about and that is the PR Industry. As blogs and channels grow it’s only natural that the creators of the content will be on the rador of PR Officers looking to gain more coverage about their product and I have no problem with that (providing that the bloggers givesa honest review and states that it’s a PR Sample). I, myself have been sent PR Samples and I’ve reviewed them honestly and been grateful for the opportunity but I have to say when a beauty blogger starts talking about a PR Sample that is unrelated to their blog this is when I get annoyed. I’ve turned down offers from fashion companies to a well known skincare clinic all of which wanted me to basically write a review on a product I hadn’t tried and something that didn’t fit my content. My blog is beauty only, no food, no fashion and nothing else so for me to talk about mattresses or a new clothes range or something on here just doesn’t sit right with me, it’s not worth me “whoring” myself out to PR companies and losing my integrity just for some samples or a few quid. Unfortunately I’m seeing more and more unrelated PR samples crop up on blogs where there is no correlation. If you have a pet and you talk about animals regularly on your blog then fair play but if you only ever talk about lipstick why are you suddenly talking about catnip? Ethics is something I feel strongly about and I would rather be less successful but have a trusted opinion and readers who value what I say than become a walking advert but that’s just my take on things.

Content Theft
This third thing is the thing that I am utterly f******d off about. I don’t swear on here but I’m so livid right now I’m having to resist the urge to type out a million and one swear words. Why? Because a blogger has stole my work. I’m all for people blogging about the same product or something like that because reading different reviews allows you to know if you are getting your money’s worth for a product. At a push I can tolerate someone using my post ideas as long as they add their own writing and opinions but what I CANNOT tolerate is someone copying and pasting my entire post including my images and then posting it on their blog with a title saying MY REVIEW. You guys may be wondering what I’m talking about so I will enlighten you. For those of you who don’t know I do have a Facebook page for my blog which admittedly I’m not very active on but I received a message this morning (I’m writing this on the 19th Jan for anyone interested) from another blogger. She was telling me how she had found my content on another website and wanted to make me aware of it. I clicked the link and funnily enough there was a review I wrote months ago about an MUA Lipstick and it was copied word for word it even had my signature signing off (although the blogger had erased my name.) The blogger in question had also attempted to steal my images however they had not correctly uploaded or saved the images but had merely clicked copy and paste which only traced the path of the images, but still they attempted to steal my images as well. I was literally shocked and so flipping angry. I may not be Zoella but I put a lot of time and effort into my blog. I write seven posts a week with images included and I plan my content ahead of time and make sure everything is prepared for you guys. Although this blog is a beauty blog this is also an online portfolio of my feature writing as part of my Journalism degree so when I apply for jobs I have something to show that I’ve been working on for however many years. The fact that some scumbag thinks they can create a basic blog and then rip off my entire post without asking or crediting me is just the lowest of the low. I’ve screenshotted the post and I’ve also filed a report with both Google and Blogger. I feel so strongly about this that if I have to go to court about this then I will because this blogger has already earned a reputation for stealing other bloggers’ content as well. I just cannot for the life of me fathom why someone would do that. I enjoy writing these posts choosing how to phrase a sentence and creating images and pulling it together to create a post for this blog is something that I adore doing. I love it when I write a well thought out review and you guys comment on it sharing your thoughts, thanking me for a recommendation and we get chatting about makeup. You guys are my family and my friends and I respect you all, yet this blogger had so little respect for my efforts that they took something of mine and I am damn well going to get it back. I hate doing this because undoubtedly I’m giving more hits to this blogger but I am going to leave their blog URL here and I urge you to check the blog and ensure that none of your work has taken. I can’t describe how frustrating this is to have to go through and I sincerely hope that none of you have to go through this as well but I do encourage you to just check and make sure that your work hasn’t been stolen without your consent and if it has and you are unsure on what steps to take then feel free to email me at and I will be more than happy to help you file a report to Blogger and get your work taken down from the website.

So that is it for this post, it is a long one but I actually feel quite cathartic after writing it. Sometimes when bloggers become dodgy or someone steals your work it’s so frustrating that you need an outlet so I’m glad I could share my thoughts with you. Before I do sign off I do encourage comments and feel free to share your opinions but I do ask that no hate comments are left on this post. You may feel differently to me and that’s fine but this is just my opinion.

Thank you so much for reading.
Love x

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