Thea Skincare Toning Cream Review

I recently did a review on the Thea Skincare and wasn’t too impressed with the Coffee and Shea Butter Body Scrub after finding it too drying. The other product that I was sent by Thea Skincare was the Thea Skincare Toning Cream, I hope that you enjoy this review.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for PR purposes.

thea toning cream
First of all let’s talk price and packaging. The packaging is pretty standard a pot with a screw on lid and a sticker aroound the middle for the product information. Pretty standard, pretty basic and pretty boring. In terms of the price this cannot be bought on its own (as far as I am aware) and comes as part of the Detox and Tone Collection with three other products (one being the coffee scrub) which just happens to cost a whopping £250.00. Erm I think I’ll pass on that price.

In terms of the formula, this is the product description taken from the Thea Skincare website. This product is described as:
A rich high performance body cream enriched with age defying antioxidants and skin firming and toning ingredients such as DMAE, a natural vitamin B derivative to tone and promotes suppleness and MSM, a natural organic sulphur that reduces sagging and promotes cell renewal.

In all honesty I wasn’t a fan of this. First of all the smell is incredibly herbal and this stinks of Rosemary and Lavender and other things that smell awful on my skin. Secondly this just didn’t seem to work on me. I’ve been applying this for over a week on the areas of my body that I’d like to tone and other than making those areas smell of herbs nothing changed.

This is rich in moisture which is nice but it’s not more hydrating than a body butter and it just didn’t do it for me. I have to say that of the two products I’ve tried from Thea Skincare I haven’t enjoyed either one of them and I have just found them overpriced and disappointing.

Overall this is another let down and I wouldn’t repurchase. I’m actually going to pass this on because I can’t bear using it anymore, and I am really disappointed. Sorry Thea but I’m just not impressed.

The Thea Skincare Toning Cream is available here for £250.00 as part of the Detox and Tone Collection.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments if you have tried this product and if you think it is overpriced for the 200ml size.

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