Roses are red, Makeup is too.

With it being just over a month until Valentines Day I thought it would be fun to do a colour themed post especially as I haven’t done one in a while. Here is a list of red beauty products that I love and would definitely recommend that you try.
makeup is red

1) The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Strawberry
I really enjoy The Body Shop Lip Balms, they are really cute, look pretty, smell delicious and add a very slight tint to the lips and this one is no exception. I have worked my way through pots of these cute little lip balms before at this one in Strawberry is absolutely divine.

2) Calvin Klein Splendid Color Nail Enamel in Red Red
This is great for ading a touch of glamour to any outfit, especially if you pair it with a red lip. This is a pink toned red, but after two coats you have a bright red that will make your nails catwalk worthy. Better yet it isn’t overly expensive either and can be found online.

3) Charlie Red Body Spray by Revlon
A cult favourite by Charlie Fans this body spray is incredibly sexy with a blend of red fruits and spices to create a unique scent. This body spray costs under two pounds and is great for freshening up throughout the day.

4) MUA Lipstick in Shade 1
This lipstick is great for those who like a slightly darker red lip and it only costs a pound from Superdrug. This glides on the lips, has a lovely satin finish and is a beautiful colour, better yet it doesn’t dry out the lips either as it has a really creamy and silky formula.

5) Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cherry Red
This is great for those who want a really bold red lip, this is priced at £1.99 from Boots which is an absolute steal, has a lovely glossy satin finish and is a stunning crimson red, absolutely perfect if you want a bold lip.

6) New CID Cosmetics I Crayon Lip and Cheek Tint in Strawberry Souffle
To start with this smells really nice like strawberries and it is a nifty multi purpose product that can act as a cheek tint or as a lip tint, you can build up the colour on this to get it really bright or use a small amount for a sheer tint. This is really versatile and a great product to have in your makeup collection.

7) Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon
This always is handy if I want a pop of colour on this lips that is moisturising and isn’t high maintenance and I particularly love using this in the summer. This is a coral toned red that again can be sheer or built up to be really bold, it’s nice and hydrating and looks and feels great.

8) Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 11
I’m not a huge fan of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks but plenty of people are and this is a nice deep red that offers a satin finish. If you do wear this be sure to wear a lip liner though otherwise it will bleed.

9) Rimmel London Apocalips in Eclipse
This is one for those lip lacquers out there, this is hig maintenance and you will need a lip liner but it’s a bold glossy lip colour in a really unique berry toned red shade, definitely good for those who like a unique twist on the red lip.

10) Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Plumful
Definitely an old favourite of mine this is a deep brick red leaning towards the browner end of the red spectrum and is great for a vampy lip. This shade isn’t readily available so you will need to shop wholesale or look online but it is really nice and a staple in my collection.

So that is it for this post, if you enjoyed this please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what red items you will be rocking in the run up to Valentines Day.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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