Nivea Creme Review

After spending almost a year coveting my Nivea Soft Moisturiser I finally finished up my last tube of it and thought that it was high time I tried something new and so I thought I’d give the original Nivea Moisturiser a go to see how it compared. I’ve been using this for at least a week now and have a good idea of how it works, so here’s my thoughts.

In terms of packaging I’m not as much of a fan the blue tub and white writing does reflect Nivea but it is quite dull and boring, and I would prefer a squeezy tube of moisturiser than scooping something out of a tub. This is priced at £3.39 for a 100ml tub which is quite a bargain.

Starting with the smell, I do prefer the Nivea Soft smell which isn’t offensive and is quite light to this which is quite heavily lemony – great if you like lemons but not so great if you don’t. This moisturiser is a lot thicker than what I had become accustomed to and I didn’t like the texture it seemed a lot stickier and I really had to rub it into my face to get it to sink in which isn’t great as it draws the blood to the surface making you look bright red.

This has kept my skin nicely moisturised and I would say that is suitable for dry skin however if you have oily skin this probably would be too heavy for you. I do think that the Nivea Soft is a lot nicer as it sinks in quicker, is a lot lighter and is suitable for more skintypes.

Overall I don’t hate this but I can’t see myself repurchasing it, usually moisturising should be a case of adding some cream to my face giving it a quick rub and leaving it rather than having to really work with it to get it to sink in. Maybe I’m just being picky, or maybe I just prefer the newer version.

The Nivea Creme is available from here for £1.49.

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