Commonly misused products and how to correctly use them.

I think I did one of these posts a while back but I think it’s important to sometimes look at the possible makeup mistakes that we may be making. If we’re spending tens and hundreds of pounds on premium beauty products, getting up half an hour early to make sure that our eyeliner is just right, then we may as well ensure that we’re using the products and tools that we have to the best of their ability, I hope this post will help you identify some of your makeup mistakes or give you the confidence to try something new.

1) Powdering your entire face.
When you pick up a powder especially a translucent one then applying it to your entire face might seem like a good idea but in reality it’s not. Only apply powder to where you need to (eg your shiniest areas) otherwise your masking that beautiful contour and blush routine you did. Also if you do have oily skin be sure to blot first using blotting papers otherwsie chances are that the powder will mix with the oil and end up as a strange gloopy substance which isn’t great.

2) Highlighting Concealer Pens are not for blemishes.
YSL Touche Eclat, MUA Undress Your Skin Concealer Pen…There is an abundance of clickable concealer pens out there but people are making the mistake of reading the word “concealer” and consequently applying these across the entire face and on top of every blemish which is the worst thing you can do. These concealer pens aim to give radiance and are designed for under the eyes to reflect light and make you look more awake, if you apply these to blemishes your effectively lighting up the blemishes and making them more obvious.

3) Under or over exfoliating.
If like me you suffer with dry skin then you need to be exfoliating to buff away that dry and dead skin to reveal the smooth skin underneath. By exfoliating it means that your makeup won’t cling to dry patches and will generally go on a lot smoother. On the flip side there is those people that over exfoliate, exfoliation is not for every day use because you’ll make the skin thinner which can also lead to broken veins. Its the same as steroid cream which should be used thinly and sparingly and not daily. Once of twice a week for exfoliation should be enough for anyone.

4) Using lipgloss over the entire lips.
So you’ve picked up a stunning shade of lipgloss and so you coat your entire lips with it and go out feeling pretty but experts say that this is the wrong way to do it. Apparently lipgloss is supposed to be lightly dabbed just into the centre of your mouth to look poutier and shouldn’t be used across the entire mouth. Who knew?

5) Curling lashes after applying mascara.
If you use a mascara which coats your lashes quite thickly and then curl your lashes chances are you will end up snappng your precious lashes which really isn’t a good look. The idea behind curlers is to curl your lashes first in short quick bursts rather than squeezing hard and then to apply mascara to hold the curl in place.

6) Not correctly colour matching foundation and forgetting to blend.
If you decide you want to bronze up a bit that’s fine that’s what bronzer is for but do not go five shades darker in your foundation because you will look pretty scary. Test foundation in stores my applying a small amount of tester to your jaw, walk outside go to another shop then after five minutes in daylight check the tester on your jaw, does it match your skin naturally? If so then this is the correct shade it not then it’s not. People test foundations on their wrist which is paler than their jaw and often end up with the wrong shade. Similarly not matter which foundation you have always blend into the jaw and onto the neck to prevent streaks and “slag lines.”

7) Experts say avoid blue eyeshadow…Never use this colour lipstick…
Just because an expert says that “blue eyeshadows” are for the nineties that’s not necessarily true, just because a colour may not work for one person it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Blue eyeshadow can look lovely on brown eyes, and there’s nothing wrong with a neon pink lipstick providing it works with your skintone and the rest of your makeup is toned down. Don’t let “experts” tell you what is right and what is wrong because they will probably make mistakes too!

8) Avoiding lipbalm and overusing matte lipstick.
I love a good matte lipstick but the truth is that they’re drying as hell on the lips, and if you never use lip balm or exfoliate your lips but constantly use matte lipstick it’s not surprise that it’s going on unevenly, clinging to dry patches and looking a hot mess. Lush do really great lip scrubs or you can just invest in a moisturising lip balm (I have some great ones by Nivea and Blistex that only cost a pound), you can wear all the matte lipstick you like but be sure to give your lips some tlc too.

9) Over or under tweezing the brows.
Similar to exfoliating tweezing (if you do pluck) is something that needs to be moderated and experts and professionals advise to to leave three weeks in between plucking. Its all well and good plucking regularly to avoid caterpillar brows, but if you overpluck sometimes your eyebrows won’t grow back which is never great.

10) Overdoing the lip liner.
Plenty of people are partial to applying a small amount of lip liner to make the lips look slightly fuller and it is a good trick but some people overdo it and lets face it do you really want to look like Pete Burns? If you feel like it is absolutely necessary then apply it but don’t overdo it.

11) Not matching your lip liner to your lipstick.
A classic example here is the horrible trend of dark lip liner and nude lips, it looks horrible people! The idea of a lip liner is to prevent your lipstick from bleeding so it’s crucial that you match your lip liner to your lipstick. There’s tons out there in a range of shades at varying price points so go out and pick one that’s right for you.

12) Not cleaning your brushes.
So you’ve been using you beloved brushes for months now, not cleaned them and for some reason you’re breaking out, but believe it or not there is a link. As great as brushes are they can become a quick breeding ground for bacteria that you are then putting directly onto your face. Do yourself a favour and give them a clean, you should clean them weekly and no you don’t need a fancy cleanser, Johnsons Baby Shampoo does the trick perfectly.

So that is it for this post, if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have ever made these mistakes, I’m sure that we’re all guilty of a few I know that I am!

Thanks for reading.
Love x

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3 Responses to Commonly misused products and how to correctly use them.

  1. Mimi says:

    So useful – thanks for all your tips! x

  2. Mimi says:

    So useful – thanks for all your tips! x

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